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Pro-tip: Face Painting Hell

First I'll preface this post that I'm not a fan of face painting at all. 
Pro tip: Don't take advantage of free things and be "that" mom
I'm getting something cute on my kids face that will most likely come into contact with one of the following;  cotton candy, condiments, ice cream, their hair, and lastly​ heat, doesn't sound appealing to me at all let alone having to shell out money for it to be done.  I can see the battle that will also ensue at bathtime and bedtime as we attempt to clean it off. 
That said, I am a girl who loves make-up so I can appreciate my kids wanting to get it done and can see how it'd be fun.
I have avoided it successfully the past ten years, but this weekend when at a local festival I nearly caved. Noticed I said nearly.
A local church sponsored the kid activities at this festival and were only looking for donations to bounce, dunk, and get painted. I was all with the plan to get my cutie pie a rainbow painted on her chee…