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Name That Tune - Baby Shower Version

I was at a baby shower recently (the same one I snagged this recipe from) and prayed that when it was time for the games that we didn't have to guess melted candy bars in diapers.  I am one for just eating cake and watching you open presents, no games needed, even though I'm guilty of planning games seen here and here for showers I've hosted, oops.

Well this game turned out to be a cute one that was so simple thanks to modern technology.  What I enjoyed most about this game was that the shower included guests over various generations and it was nice to see everyone get involved.  Often, newer moms are the only ones who "get" the games now a days.

It is a pretty simple concept.  The mom-to-be arranged a playlist of songs all with the word "girl" or "baby" in them that spanned from the 1950s to present day.  The winner was the one who answered the most correct titles and artists.  She had them all on her phone and played them through a small por…