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Name That Tune - Baby Shower Version

I was at a baby shower recently (the same one I snagged this recipe from) and prayed that when it was time for the games that we didn't have to guess melted candy bars in diapers.  I am one for just eating cake and watching you open presents, no games needed, even though I'm guilty of planning games seen here and here for showers I've hosted, oops.

Well this game turned out to be a cute one that was so simple thanks to modern technology.  What I enjoyed most about this game was that the shower included guests over various generations and it was nice to see everyone get involved.  Often, newer moms are the only ones who "get" the games now a days.

It is a pretty simple concept.  The mom-to-be arranged a playlist of songs all with the word "girl" or "baby" in them that spanned from the 1950s to present day.  The winner was the one who answered the most correct titles and artists.  She had them all on her phone and played them through a small por…

Summer of Sanity - 2017

I'm back with my Summer of Sanity for the 4th summer. Summermom and Summerwife is back in the house!!!

I'm no where nearly as organized at I was in 2014 (man, did that maternity leave help with planning, or what?) but I am always focused on the main objective of not going insane over the summer break as we pause from our normal school year routine.

This summer schedule is looking less crowded with activities than last year thankfully.  March was the month that was jam packed for me this year, lucky me, not.

Activities lined up just include the middle child (MC) in baseball which is over at the end of June and the oldest child (OC) in tennis on Monday evenings.  TBD is dance class for little missy, the youngest child (YC) if she gets potty trained in the next two weeks.  I'm tackling that head on this Friday.  It is so nice not having too many overlapping activities, but I am not thrilled that nearly all of MC's games are prime time witching hour for YC.

The big kink i…

Hello 2017! - My word of the year is...

Hello 2017!  Happy New Year readers!!

Are you ready for my word of the year???

It is...


Now this isn't complete as in "my final year", no, no, no.  It means much more than that.

One of the best qualities about my best friend that I have always admired was her self-discipline and goal attainment.

I, on the other hand, lack this lustrous trait. At least, I am hard on myself about it. So, partially, that is what this year's word has to deal with...completing (finishing) things.

The other use of this word for the year is to have it be a utility to help my own personal growth and fulfillment. Not to brag, but things have been going very well for my life comparatively to the cesspool that is surrounding others.  I acknowledge my fortunate state and I want to embrace it. I think it still carries on from last year's word "Content".  I feel very fulfilled in many areas and want to enjoy that and help finish what it will take to complete the areas of my…