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Candied-Walnut & Grape Salad (Dewey's Knock-off)

It's been awhile since I have posted a recipe, but the minute I tried this salad at recent event I was at, I knew I must replicate it at home. My big break came when I discovered a citrus vinaigrette already bottled.

Dewey's Pizza is the original creator and below you'll find my knock-off if you don't have a location near you.

Ingredients: Mixed baby greens
A handful or two of red grapes, cut in half
A handful of crumbled Gorgonzola, or add to taste
A handful of Candied Walnuts (I used these by Fresh Gourmet)

*this yields 2-3 servings, add ingredients as desired for a larger serving size

Dressing:Maple Grove Farms Citrus Vinaigrette
Added Honey to taste

Assemble as you would a normal salad. I separated some of the dressing out and added honey, about 1 1/2 tsp, to make it a sweeter and cut the vinegar taste a bit.

Granny Smith apples might also be a great addition and the Gorgonzola cheese may be substituted with a blue cheese.

Sorry if my vague measurements bother you.…

Kitchen Reveal!

This is nearly 2 years overdue, but I'm finally able to share my new kitchen! It was completed the first week of November 2014 and well, the months since have been a blur. We have already used it to host 2 Thanksgivings, a Halloween party, and 4 Birthday parties, as well as our everyday use.

I am a pretty indecisive person and I was proud how quickly I made decisions with this project. I am 97% happy with it and that other 3% is totally livable with what things I would change. It hurt to spend all of that money but I feel like we have made it back tenfold so far and the room is serving the exact purpose I wanted it to.  Even the Mister agrees that it was worth it so that's always a good sign.

My Favorite Things:
- The Sink
- Soft, self closing drawers
- Abundant counter space
- the open concept
- The paint color: North Star by Sherwin Williams

The company was great to work with and our vendors were too.

So the 3% I'm like 'meh' about:

1) I wish we'd…