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My Content Journal - Status Update

So this year's main goal has been to reevaluate the contents in my life.  You can read all about that here, but my content journal has been helping do so along the way.

This little journal hasn't been the life saver that some other bloggers claim it to be, but I have none the less found it very enjoyable to keep.

I originally set it up with a monthly day to day front page to keep track of workouts.  Those became rather bare this spring, but I'd like to incorporate them again.

I found that a weekly set up works best for me.  I also have realized that I have zero whimsical artistic ability.  I wish it would look nicer like some of the other stylish ones online, I've accepted that this is my own work and I kinda can see improvement week to week. For each day I just do a simply entry.  Mostly it is a quick jotted down line or two of what I did or how I felt.  I also do a monthly recap of the events.

Other content pages I've included are:
Birthday party planningPacking &…