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Star Wars Party x2

Both boys are prime ages for Star Wars so we went that theme for their birthday parties.  They are both school age now, which means "friend" party vs. "family", which is as it should be.  Alex's party was a simple one and I'll include it on here because moms out there need to know that a party doesn't have to be over the top for the kids to have fun.  It's no secret that the parties I through are mostly for me anyways because I enjoy them.  Cameron's party was a little more traditional.
Alex: We simply told him he could invite 3 friends to see the Star Wars movie together in the theater.  This was a huge success.  My house stayed clean and he loved being able to go to the movies finally with his friends versus just us.  We did go along too, but mostly because we wanted to see the movie too.  We treated the boys each to a drink and candy or popcorn as well as covering the cost for their ticket.  I had favors too which consisted of 1 Star Wars c…

Craft Beer Advent Calendar

Men can be difficult to buy gifts for.  Somehow my own list is never ending, but theirs is hard to crack open.

The solution I came up with this past Christmas for my brother was a craft beer advent calendar.  I bought 24 beers that were of local craft variety and assembled them as shown below.  It was a hit for my brother who got to enjoy some new types of beer and it filled my crafting bug.  Pro tip -- make sure to keep the 6 pack carriers and ask the store for a box that they all came in, therefore you will be certain your package sizing will be perfect.

This might even be a cute summer idea with different seasonal varieties of beers for Father's Day in the summer.