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Hello 2016

Happy New Year! I last left you with how 2015 ended and was pondering where 2016 would begin.

Maybe I do have a word for this year's goal after all:

This past year I did a decent job keeping mindful of the world around me, but I found that I there were still some things in my life that needed tossed or added to.  This has led me to decide to work on evaluating the contents of my life so that I can become content with it.

Just like a good ol' family recipe chalked full of ingredients, that is what makes me who I am, but this year I plan to take a look at just what those ingredients are.
What can I get rid of?
  • Things that don't bring me joy would be a good place to start perhaps this means more restraint on my Target runs.
  • Pounds.  They are always on in the "toss it" pile.
What can I add?
  • Time with loved ones
  • More time with my hobbies 
  • Workouts
What can I replace?
  • Screen time with family time
  • Negative Energy/People  with positive ones
  • Poor Food Choices with nutritious ones
What can I mix together and create?
  • How can I benefit my students more? 
  • What can I learn this year?
  • How can I post more on my blog?
So there you have it.  Here's to another great year ahead.  I'm not feeling empty by any means these days, but this is just one approach to a more positive me.



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I realized I never updated my Halloween Pictures.

My little guys were just adorable this Halloween and boy did they haul in the treats.

Alex dressed up as Spider Man for trick-or-treating at preschool and had a great time going around the classrooms getting goodies.

For actual trick-or-treating, Alex went as a fireman and Cameron went as his faithful companion, a dalmatian.  I have to pat myself on the back for decorating the wagon up as a fire truck. 

I liked getting into the spirit of the season.  It is such a let down when the trick-or-treaters that do come around have no costumes or manners :(

Good thing I got this up before the next holiday!

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Franks Red Hot Sauce (regular or buffalo)
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