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Crafting on Steroids - Silhouette Cameo

I have finally joined the world of my coveted crafty friends!  Santa was good to me and got me a Silhouette Cameo and I am so excited! This little lady is going to hopefully bring my crafty butt out of hibernation.  Well, perhaps time in general was the gift I really needed, but in the mean time this is going to make life way easier.

Here's me acting like I'm 5 on Christmas Day.

And here's my first project.

Instantly this machine has surpassed my previous love with other cutting machines. 

I'm overwhelmed to say the least on all that this beast can do.  Popcorn and YouTube tutorials are in order first but I am sure I'll learn quickly.  Hopefully I can even revive Scrappy Pants on my Etsy store someday.  This will definitely be a helper there.

My Content Journal - Bullet Journal

A new year is upon us and I'm excited to start a new organizing adventure.  As part of my effort to manage the content in my life towards more contentment, I needed to find something to keep it all together.

What am I adding? -- My Content Journal

Usually I am annoyed by Pinterest notifications, but when I saw a friend of mine created a new "bullet journal" board I was curious as to what that even was.  Basically it is a notebook planner that you customize as you go.  It is perfect for list makers who still enjoy pen and paper along with a dash of creativity.  Sounds right up my alley.  I have no idea if it will stick with me throughout the year, but it is worth a shot.

My bestie always starts off her year with a disciplined goal setting strategic plan for the year and I am happy to join her with my own planning tool for the year.

I'm not crazy about bullet journal as a name for it, so I'll be referring to mine as...My Content Journal.  Seeing as Content is my wo…

Hello 2016

Happy New Year! I last left you with how 2015 ended and was pondering where 2016 would begin.

Maybe I do have a word for this year's goal after all:

This past year I did a decent job keeping mindful of the world around me, but I found that I there were still some things in my life that needed tossed or added to.  This has led me to decide to work on evaluating the contents of my life so that I can become content with it.

Just like a good ol' family recipe chalked full of ingredients, that is what makes me who I am, but this year I plan to take a look at just what those ingredients are.
What can I get rid of?
Things that don't bring me joy would be a good place to start perhaps this means more restraint on my Target runs.Pounds.  They are always on in the "toss it" pile. What can I add?
Time with loved onesMore time with my hobbies Workouts What can I replace?
Screen time with family timeNegative Energy/People  with positive onesPoor Food Choices with nutritious …