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DIY Bath Art

I have shared with you before my citrus colored bathroom and when we moved in here 6 years ago, I purchased three frames that I felt would be perfect to use in there someday. That someday has finally happened.

It realized I had three frames, three kids, and plenty of pictures of them in the bathtub. I simply found a photo of each at roughly the same age, edited it to be B&W, Photoshopped their name onto it and had them printed off (8x10s) at Walgreens.

They might resemble the opening credits for MTV's the Real World, but that is fine because they are just as entertaining and a hot mess of drama themselves.  The kids got the biggest kick out of them and baby girl loves to point out the "babies" in the bathroom.

I used my newest BFF in hardware 3M Command picture hanging strips to attach them to the wall. These things work like Velcro and are ahh-mazing.  My teacher self loves them even more since they don't damage my school walls and are way better than putty.  T…