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Pro Tip: When Not To Get A Massage

Ah yes, an hour of someone's hands rubbing me with no expectations from me to reciprocate anything back to them.  Add that it's in the an upscale salon downtown and I'm a suburbanite mom transformed into a trendy hipster in the city sipping on fresh flavor infused water. 
In my lottery winning dreams I'd be getting massages 2x a week or so. 
But no more massages for me. 
You see, I'm not a fan of this...
And that's exactly what I did today. 
I enjoyed the 60 minutes of bliss, but as my seat belt clicked I was back in mom mode. Chauffeur, chef, maid, and police. All of that occurred in the 60 minutes following my massage. As I took a deep breath to keep from losing my cool with the kids, I realized my relaxed, essentially oiled, loving mood was gone. 
Pro tip: Don't get a massage without a buffer before reality comes right back at you. 
I felt like I might have just set my money on fire.  A handful of M&Ms would've been cheaper and given me the same …

Summer of Sanity - 2015

I had the luxury of preparing for last summer while on maternity leave last spring and now I find myself scrambling to get things around for this summer.  There are some things I want to keep and some things I want to change.  The boys are older now so their needs have changed, and well so have mine with 3 kids and no more newborn stage for Cora.

I definitely am planning on keeping the Screen Time criteria.  The problem with allotting them 30 minutes last summer was at about 7:45 every morning, they were begging for it.  This time I'm going to require specific tasks to be done before they even approach me on the topic.

We're still busy with sports and scouts during the week at least through June.  July seems to be mostly free and August barely counts since we'll be back to school before the 2nd week. Wah. Wah,.

We're about 5 days into summer and the boys are once again loving their charts and are busy looking for how to fill their own free time without me having to pl…

Paw Patrol Party

Turning 4 means 4 parties right?

My middle love has gotten the shaft the past 2 years on his birthday since it's over MLK weekend and we usually are out of town visiting distant family. Well, this year I decided little man needed his own themed party at the house, especially since his birthday is squeezed between his older brother and younger sister's.  I am after all trying to avoid "Middle Child Syndrome" at all costs.

Now, I love to joke about my birthday being a Jubilee and letting the celebration last all week.  Cameron got the same royal treatment this year stretching his out for 3 weeks.  It wasn't all full of fun though due to a nasty stomach flu that plagued all 3 of my kids at once. Ah, so this is what they mean when they tell you you're outnumbered once you have 3. 

Celebration #1 was with our extended family and was low key with one very special highlight...a visit from a local police officer arranged by Uncle B.  Cameron was so cute and immediate…

Fireman Themed Baby Shower

Another month, another party, another easy theme.  My coworker is expecting her first baby, a boy, this spring and with her husband being a firefighter I went with that theme.  I tried to tie the theme in gently and not make is so in your face and I'm happy with the way it turned out.  If this had been a kids party, I would've really turned up the heat on the theme.

Ok, I am super proud of myself with how these turned out.  The design is of course nothing ground breaking and lots of ideas came from Pinterest.  However, this whole design I made from the background to the clip art on Photoshop Elements. I am self-taught and I'm delighted with how they turned out.  I mounted them on red silver-trimmed card stock I bought off of Amazon and their cost (minus printing) was under $15 for 25!
Favors, Prizes, Games & Activities:
These little "matchsticks" turned out to be quick to make and very economical.  I simply took pretzel sticks, dipped them in red…