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Lego Party

There is no rest for the weary when Thanksgiving is late in the month of November.  I had just gotten done hosting that holiday when I had to gear up to get my oldest's party planned out and then plan for Christmas the following week. He finally committed to a Lego themed party and I happily obliged. This was his first "school" friends party where the adults left their kids and not just our family friends and it was a lot smoother than I thought it would be.

Pinterest again gave me tons of ideas, so head there after here if you're planning a Lego party yourself.

You'll have to excuse my amateur photography below, but that job was assigned to my husband that day and he did the best he could.

Super simple and cheap!  I cut up vinyl table cloths in rectangle shapes and taped on coordinating colored paper plates for my backdrop wall.  They ended up looking like giant Legos and took barely any time.  Other than that, I stuck with primary colors.  I found tha…

2015 Goals - Where's My Head At?

Well 2015 is now a full week upon us and so far, so good.  Like many of you out there I like to try and give myself a list of resolutions and accomplishments I hope to achieve the next 365 days, give or take a few.

I welcome 2015 with open arms.  2014 was awesome with the birth of Cora and everything with family coming up roses.  Hell, even work was pretty darn good for 2014 which was a drastically needed change from 2013. Yet, as the months ticked on after March, I could feel myself slipping away. By the time September hit, I was finding myself having to admit some hard truths to myself and I eventually did by the time the year ended.  I didn't like the conversations I was having with myself and that is what needed to change.  Perhaps it has something to do with postpartum and all the mixed up hormones running through my body, but I'm taking my body and my mind back.

So, taking a cue from my bestie, I have decided that only there is one thing I need to work on this year.  (O…

2014 Goals - Where I ended up

While reviewing my goals from the past year, I managed to successfully fat-finger my keyboard and erased my entire 2014 Goals post. Crap.

I got a quick peek of them before the slipped away from me.

Here's what I did accomplish:
I had a baby - a beautiful baby girl, Cora I ran one 5K in the spring, not too bad for about 8 weeks post partumI had a girls weekend scrapbookingWe booked our summer rentalI met my BFF's adorable little girlCameron was potty trained (a week after Cora was born, just in time)  Here's what I didn't accomplish:
I didn't read 3 books, not even fun ones - I blame my netflix bingingWe didn't scale back Christmas as much as I'd hoped, but it was slightly scaled downI didn't obtain my pre-pregnancy weight by our anniversary.  I did achieve this for the first 6 weeks of Cora's life, but then I managed to put on a cool 15 pounds.  Nursing takes off the pounds my ass.  Depressing.I didn't get as far as I'd like to scrapbooking, …