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2015 - Where did I end up?

Well it is that time again to see where I ended up with my 2015 Goals.

2015 was a pretty great year.  A clouded one, but a good one.

I had the best year of my teaching career thus far thanks to a group of spectacular students that graduated last spring.

Helping clear my mind the second half of 2014 I think really set me up for a clearer mind in 2015. I made this my ONE goal for 2015.

Where did I end up?  Let's take a look...

Mindful of what my negative mind was saying.
Then--You’re not OK  Now-- Um, actually I am 
I was much kinder to myself this year, and frankly I don't have time to be so hard on myself these days. I didn't seek out validation for my feelings this year like 2014 seemed to consume my mind with. 
Then--You should be doing ________ instead Now—I need more time!
This was so freeing!  In fact I think I found out more things to add to my plate because I actually enjoyed what I was doing and the choices I was making versus what I think I should be doing. 
Then--I’m …

Kids Christmas Gift Ideas

The season is upon us and how my children haven't caught on that the UPS man is Santa, I'll never know.  I started out as I did last year with the small list of ideas, and well, my deal seeking ways got the best of me and they are getting spoiled once again.

Anyways, below is a list of gift ideas for my kids.  Hopefully you can find something that sparks an idea for your little one(s) too.

Doll Nursery Set Little People Doll House Bubble Guppies Bath Toy Gerber Sippy Cup Doll

Lego Police Station Pie Face Game or this cleaner game substitute Reusable Sticker Pad Paw Patrol Lookout w/all 6 pups (Kohls) Star Wars Me Reader
Nerf Zombie Blaster Disney Infinity Game The Big One Soft Throw Wimpy Kid game Wimpy Kid Old School
So there you have it, this years spoils for the littles.  What are your kids getting this year?

DIY valence/cornice/pelmet box

Or whatever you call it.
Slowly but surely I'm getting the final things checked off in the kitchen. We have 3 windows in the kitchen and I thankfully by mistake bought too many curtains last fall at Homegoods. I only planned on using curtains on the largest window by the table and since I'm used to curtains being sold as only 1 panel in my rush I grabbed 2 and they turned out to be sets. With that I used curtains on both the side windows. We soon realized with the early morning sun that the window above the kitchen sink needed some shade.  Thankfully I realized that the leftovers rements of hemming my curtains could be used to cover a peplum/cornice box.  You say tomato, I say tomato.

I'd fallen in love with the peplum boxes on pinterest and it looked like an easy DIY. When I started searching them, nearly all of them were made of foam board.  I quickly changed the design from foam to wood to make it more sturdy.  I originally was going to go with plywood, but as I cut th…

DIY Bath Art

I have shared with you before my citrus colored bathroom and when we moved in here 6 years ago, I purchased three frames that I felt would be perfect to use in there someday. That someday has finally happened.

It realized I had three frames, three kids, and plenty of pictures of them in the bathtub. I simply found a photo of each at roughly the same age, edited it to be B&W, Photoshopped their name onto it and had them printed off (8x10s) at Walgreens.

They might resemble the opening credits for MTV's the Real World, but that is fine because they are just as entertaining and a hot mess of drama themselves.  The kids got the biggest kick out of them and baby girl loves to point out the "babies" in the bathroom.

I used my newest BFF in hardware 3M Command picture hanging strips to attach them to the wall. These things work like Velcro and are ahh-mazing.  My teacher self loves them even more since they don't damage my school walls and are way better than putty.  T…

Summer of Sanity 2015 - The Recap

So, a little over 3 months ago I posted my hopes for Summer of Sanity 2015.  Let's see where we ended up:

June was a crazy fast month with family visits, tee ball, a week of camp for each of the boys and our family vacation to NC/SC.We were able to sit back and relax the rest of July until school started the 2nd week of August, too soon!

We did the charts only for about 2 weeks and then it was like "screw it".  Mostly because the boys knew what the system was and well, it's summer, and I'm me, so following through with things is often a toughie for me.  I know, I know, bad trait to model for my kids. Whatever.

I again found myself only really able to handle one big outing a day, but we had some good ones.The weather was mild and our backyard became our go-to destination.With the boys being 4 and 7, can I just tell you the elation of saying “Go outside” and they can all by themselves!Heaven!It gives me time to get Cora around and complete a chore or two in the ho…

Pro Tip: When Not To Get A Massage

Ah yes, an hour of someone's hands rubbing me with no expectations from me to reciprocate anything back to them.  Add that it's in the an upscale salon downtown and I'm a suburbanite mom transformed into a trendy hipster in the city sipping on fresh flavor infused water. 
In my lottery winning dreams I'd be getting massages 2x a week or so. 
But no more massages for me. 
You see, I'm not a fan of this...
And that's exactly what I did today. 
I enjoyed the 60 minutes of bliss, but as my seat belt clicked I was back in mom mode. Chauffeur, chef, maid, and police. All of that occurred in the 60 minutes following my massage. As I took a deep breath to keep from losing my cool with the kids, I realized my relaxed, essentially oiled, loving mood was gone. 
Pro tip: Don't get a massage without a buffer before reality comes right back at you. 
I felt like I might have just set my money on fire.  A handful of M&Ms would've been cheaper and given me the same …

Summer of Sanity - 2015

I had the luxury of preparing for last summer while on maternity leave last spring and now I find myself scrambling to get things around for this summer.  There are some things I want to keep and some things I want to change.  The boys are older now so their needs have changed, and well so have mine with 3 kids and no more newborn stage for Cora.

I definitely am planning on keeping the Screen Time criteria.  The problem with allotting them 30 minutes last summer was at about 7:45 every morning, they were begging for it.  This time I'm going to require specific tasks to be done before they even approach me on the topic.

We're still busy with sports and scouts during the week at least through June.  July seems to be mostly free and August barely counts since we'll be back to school before the 2nd week. Wah. Wah,.

We're about 5 days into summer and the boys are once again loving their charts and are busy looking for how to fill their own free time without me having to pl…