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Pro-Tip: They Aren't Twins

In light of the gift-giving season...

Don't buy 2 of the same item for gifts by this I mean, if you have two kids close in age and the same gender, don't treat them like twins and buy them the same gifts to be "fair".  They don't need 2 cars in the different color, 2 of the same action figure, 2 of the same lego sets, 2 of the same gift if it is easily something they can both enjoy together. Save a parent a little sanity here please.  Any gift is appreciated, but this is really best for all of those involved.

Christmas Gift Reviews

Let's recap from my Easy Gift post and see how things ended up this year. I did ok.  Budget wise I blew it, but stuff wise, actually wasn't too bad. I don't have Santa's remorse yet.

Even though I still struggle with spoiling my kids, I realized by reading this article, that I do indeed spoil my children mostly for myself.  This year my niece and nephew are 14 and 11 and only request gift cards or money.  No more waking up and them running into my brother's room yelling "Santa came!". No more mystery as many relatives already have disclosed to them what they are getting. No toys. So knowing that the future holds that course, I am ok with spoiling them for now and donating all of their unused toys.  Christmas morning now is more for me than it is for them, as I think it begins to be for any parent.

Any who...back to the gifts...

a chapter book, a sticker book and a board book
These were the “Santa” gifts – a Lego set for each boy and a crawling…

Pro-Tip: Food Allergies and Parties

Today's pro-tip is a super easy one.

If your little one has food allergies please inform the host of the party.  
See, wasn't that easy?

You know what isn't easy?  Having a house full of 7 year olds and one of them vomiting all over the bathroom because they and their parents neglected to tell you that they were allergic to eggs and "sugar".  Sidebar- how in the hell is one allergic to sugar?  Anyways, I felt absolutely awful for this little man as he then didn't fess up to it because he thought he would be sent home from the party.  There was a language barrier between myself and the parent when they returned to pick up their child but I did my best to tell them to just warn others before another incident happens for the little guy.

I then counted my lucky stars that his allergy and reaction wasn't life threatening.  I have many friends whose children have special dietary needs and I know how serious they can be. Food allergies are no joke to be messed wi…

Easy & Simple Christmas List for Kids

The 5 Gift Rule (also sometimes found as a set of 4 too) has been going around the interwebs for a couple of years now.  It is a very smart way to approach the overabundance of commerce that I tend to find myself contributing to this time of year only to then curse myself for it all come January.

I'm sticking to this as much as I can this year, but as with all things, I like to over indulge, so I have added a couple of other categories that I just can't help. 

Perhaps this list will inspire you to trim down your own shopping, or perhaps help you organize your  shopping lists for loved ones.

Stay tuned and I might just get a minute or two over break to let you know exactly what my kids lists look like.  I also need to desperately update the kitchen posts on here too.  Someday I'll publish the twenty-some drafts I have for this blog.