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Pro-Tip: Breastmilk Freezer Storage

I have already shared with you about my new Deep Freezer and how I mainly got it to help with breastmilk storage. But how am I going to organize all of this milk?  I had no organization system going on until I saw this on Pinterest.  Run and do this now if you're going to be in the position of freezing breastmilk.  It has saved me so much time in the mornings just grabbing the bags I need for the day.

All you do is get a small sized gift bag, preferably just about the dimensions of your milk storage bags.  I used some old ones I had on hand.  Simply cut the bottom of one end out and then stack your milk bags with the oldest date on the bottom going on up to the newest date on top.  When it is time to take your milk out, just pull the one through the slit.

I also labeled my bags to know which ones to start with.

I believe another handy substitute to this method would be any cardboard box lying around too, maybe an old cracker box.  I like the bags due to the handles, but I plan to …