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Kitchen Update

I'm getting antsy!

And fat.

I need my kitchen back and hopefully by midweek next week that will be the case. That puts us at 19 working days but it feels longer at this point. Some glitches with stuff put us behind this week and surprise a new found change order this week has me all flustered.

I'll post pictures soon, but I'm waiting on those countertops get in. At least all of the plastic is down so we are dont' feel like we are living on the set of ET anymore.

Still trying to decide paints too, hrmph.

You Know You're Popular When...

You have a sheet set named after you at Pottery Barn!  It's a cute pattern, but I can't really distinguish the colors of it online that well.  What do you think?  In other news, I'm really hoping this doesn't mean her name is going to become popular.  Woomp woomp.
Sweet Cora is now 6 months old and I can't even describe how over the moon with her I am.  She is such a dream!  She is getting the hang of crawling, although mostly in circles and reverse and we're holding off on table foods until the kitchen is done.  She's almost sitting up unassisted, and her favorite past time is smiling at her big brothers.  She loves to fumble through The Very Hungry Caterpillar and her favorite toys are her Little People Disney Princesses.  I've come to give her the nickname of Cora Belle, not sure why but it just rolls off my tongue easily.

Kitchen Makeover - Day 3

So we're only 3 days in and I feel like Drew & Jonathan will be popping up in my house any moment, but have yet to do so. Wah. Wah. Maybe they are waiting for the big reveal :)

So far so good. They got through all of the demo and then of course in true HGTV show style we hit a work change order to the tune of $900 for electrical fixes. Sad Panda. Add that to my previous upgrades in granite color and sink choices and well, my other kidney is looking primed for the black market. However, there should be no more setbacks or surprises and thankfully we're still on schedule to get 90% done by the end of this week.  Eek!

Our makeshift kitchen in the basement has proven to work out just fine.  We're eating lots of microwaved things but thankfully toddlers and my husband can live on pbj's, easy mac and nachos respectively.  It has been best that we're out of the house during all of the day and they make it a point to be out pretty quickly once we arrive home which is …

Kitchen Makeover - The Plan

Eeks!  They are starting in 3 days!

The planning process has gone super quick and I *hope* I made all of the right choices.  We used a "one stop shop" contractor.  They came back with the lowest quote, best customer service, and the shortest time line which were all things we were looking for.

I've accepted that this kitchen is costing me a kidney, and I know it will be a fantastic upgrade, but it is still a modest one comparatively speaking.  Seriously how do people on TV or in McMansions afford these remodels??

Here's what we've got picked out so far....

What do you think? Should we have kept the yellow :) I can't wait to see it all come together which should be by the end of the month. 

We'll still need to decide on paint too, but hopefully I don't mess that one up like I feel we did with the nursery