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Menu Planning- Make Ahead Rice

Like most people I love spending weekends with my family but I know that if I put in a little extra effort cooking on Sunday for the rest of the week, I'll be ahead of the game and less stressed in the long run.

Today I very quickly and easily busted out 5 meals of rice. I do not like to use Minute Rice any more and I discovered that freezing and thawing rice tastes just as good as the day I made it originally, so now I cook it and freeze it in batches. It is also a great substitute for those tasty, yet not so nutritious, rice packets that take 5 minutes to cook.  This might seem like a "duh" recipe to you, but I really was just so used to buying quick processed meal items that I didn't even think this was a possibility.  It was like I thought only the magic grocery Gods could prepare food for me.

It's a insanely simple process to do.

I use a full 2lb. bag of Basamati Rice and add a little olive oil vs. butter.

Cook rice as directed, portion out into quart siz…

Summer of Sanity - The End

What a great time we had!  I think the little bit of organizing that I did this summer helped greatly.  I've only been back to work 5 days and my mind is completely baby-brain-mush.  Who knows what it would've been like this summer without a little planning for my sanity.  The boys really liked the charts and each got a nice Lego set with their money they earned ($20) and the other $20 they earned went into savings.  Alex is still doing his reading challenge, we're in the beginning of Treasure Island right now together.  Cameron is all set for preschool and Cora's been adjusting to the sitter.

Here's how Cameron's chart ended up:

And Alex's:
--oops, his didn't get pictured

I better start looking now for ideas for next summer.  Cora will be on the move and doing that drunk toddler walk which will be all sorts of fun to keep up with.  Until then we're gearing up for fall with preschool, 1st grade, work, soccer, flag football, and a Kitchen Makeover!…

Kitchen Makeover

Perhaps I got him to say "Yes" because I was a whiny 9+ month pregnant woman, but who cares the why because Scooter finally agreed that it's time to redo our kitchen! Wahoo!

We were going to start this in the spring but our HVAC needed replace so our savings took a big hit.  Now we're ready again and actually it will probably be better that we are going to be at work during the mess.

We're looking at a complete gut:
New CabinetsNew FloorNew CounterTaking out a WallSoffets gone Those are the main points.  We are keeping our existing appliances because they are not really that old and can gradually be replaced to fit into the design. No more Citrus Kitchen for us! Bah Bye yellow Formica!

From the pictures above, the main thing to go is the wall where the fridge is.  That will soon be a bar peninsula and the fridge will be next to the stove where the small pantry currently is.

We are scheduled to get underway here soon at the end of September and it should hopefull…

Summer of Sanity- Week 8: Camp

Week's Theme: Camp
With only 2 weeks left of summer, this week was easily filled up with Day Camp.  The boys went for half a day everyday and had a blast.  In the meantime I worked out, worked on my super secret project, had breakfast with a friend and went into see my classroom for the first time since March.

Camp was a great way to get Cameron ready and excited for Pre-School and I was very happy that his teachers had such good reports for him.  He attended a session named "What Did the Fox Say?" where he learned more about animals and made several crafts.  Alex enjoyed his "Scooby Doo" session which dealt with solving mysteries all week.  A perfect fit for my little logical dude.

Next week is our last week home together and I'm so torn between desperately needing my work routine back and being there for my kids.  In the end I know I'm not cut out to be a SAHM but it just pains my heart to know that they will never be this age again.  It just feels l…