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5 Reasons Teachers know it is August

I don't need a calendar to remind me what time of year is approaching...

Summer of Sanity - Week 7

Week's Theme: Pool Parties!
I told you that the weeks would fly by and that our scheduled themes would go by the wayside.  This week we recovered from vacation by finally getting some warmer (notice I didn't say hot) weather.  Thankfully 2 of my friends own pools and were gracious enough to invite us there along with all the other toddlers in our co-workers circle.

The boys are doing so good at swimming now and are at a great age where still supervised, but I'm not the hovering helicopter I once had to be which means I can enjoy my burger hot vs. warm.  I fear for next summer when Lady Cora will be walking and wanting to keep up with them.

The hostesses need a shot out too.  One is a grandma of 3, but you'd never know it with her energy.  She's who I consider my "work mom" and I talked about her in this post.  She has a wonderful garden that she showed me might be so difficult for me to pull off in my own backyard someday.

The other hostess is 37 weeks pr…

Summer of Sanity - Week 6 - Vacation!

Week's Theme: Vacation
What a fun week it was. As most vacations tend to do, it went too fast. We ended up going to Michigan this year vs. our usual jaunt to South Carolina due to: my 94 yr. old Grandma wanting to join us, I didn't want a 12 hour trip with new baby, and Scooter's brother who we usually see were busy themselves awaiting a new baby any day (she was actually born our last day we were away). This new location also came with the excellent perk of my bestie coming to visit me which came with the all-time bonus of meeting her new baby girl who is a month older than Cora.
Highlights included:
My grandmother conducting her ritual "balloon in long underwear" game that came with perfect blackmail pictures of my niece to use at her graduation party and my brother's bff claiming a "force flex" allergy to get out of it.Chocolate & Wine tasting tour that included a warm apple pie in a bag that was orgasmic, yes it was that good.  Thank you …

Summer of Sanity - Weeks 4 & 5 - Free Weeks

Technically they weren't Free Weeks but we just had other stuff pop up and get scheduled so I didn't need to stick to the original schedule. Remember, this whole summer of sanity is about staying sane, not to schedule every second into a perfectly planned Pinterest day.

Since we are in the midst of summer, I am glad the days are filling up on their own with normal summer fun like cookouts, family visits and all the general things it takes to keep 3 kids alive.

This past week I even added another kid to the mix, my 13 year old niece stayed with us and was a big help.  It was so nice to get to spend time with her. I put her to work with getting used to baby duties (she's got a little sister coming in October) and other domestic duties like cooking.  It was cute to see her handle raw meat for the first time and gab until the late hours of the night about things.  That girl is going places I tell ya, watch out!

I'm not sure if we'll get back to any of the themes fully …