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Summer of Sanity - Week 3 - Geography

Week's Theme: Geography

We had lots of pop up showers this week which was perfect for the release of the Lego Movie on DVD , but we lucked out having excellent weather for a geocaching and pool party midweek.

We ended the week going Geocaching for the first time with a friend of mine and her boys and it was a really great time. I simply downloaded the app to my phone and we decided to meet at a nature reserve area for a picnic. After the picnic we went on our search for treasure and found it just in time before a major rain storm hit.  

I highly recommend geocaching as a fun time for the family, we've found so many near us. The boys simply loved it. For extra fun, remember to bring some trinket with you to leave behind as you get to take one from the box that you find.

I did make use of the rain day to make a craft with my oldest son while the other 2 kiddos were napping. I got the inspiration from this pin on Pinterest. I was super mean and made him redo the "our house&…

The Deep Freeze

I feel like a little old housewife from the 50's with my new GE Chest Freezer! I guess it is the sign of a true domestic goddess engineer to be so excited about a new appliance.

We pulled the trigger on this purchase so we could hold my milk stash that was taking over our freezer.  Freezer = $180 = 6 cans of formula, but the freezer will last us longer than a year.  Something tells me we'll get our money out of it too with 3 kids.

I'm mostly excited that this now means I can buy fresh meat from my local farmer friends and I have a place to store it.  Oh and the 1,000 freezer recipes I've pinned.  I see some use for the new Costco their building next year near me too.

Do you have a deep freezer?  If so what tips do you have for me to make it worth my time and money?

Baby Girl Nursery -Aqua, Grey & Pink

So I'll preface this with the simple fact that I decided to completely redo the bedding and accent colors about, oh, 2 weeks after giving birth.  I blame my post partum hormones and for whatever reason I left out pink in the original plan.

I love how the room turned out so much that I can't even remember when it was a junk, I mean craft-filled-catch-all room for us.  When we first bought this house I thought it'd be nice to have 4 bedrooms because we'd always have one extra, but now I can't be more delighted than to know another blessing will occupy it completing our family.

Paint Colors:
Dolphin by Martha Stewart (Home Depot) *turned out way lighter in person
Mariner by Sherwin Williams
Disney's "All That Glitters" top coat (only found at Wal-Mart) - I might try to recoat this again using modpodge and glitter.

I can't begin to tell you what a PITA it is picking out paint.  Ugh.  My first gray was too dark and then we found this one.  Yes, there rea…

Summer of Sanity - Week 2 - Oceans

Week's Theme: OCeans
I'm kinda digging this whole theme thing. The #1 thing it does is prevent boredom.  The minute the boys whine about being bored, we bring up the topic for the week and start discussing or doing something involving it. Even just having a simple conversation about the topic is great and gets us interacting. 

I'm sticking with minimal effort for my planning since after all, it is my break too, but so far it is really working out. This week's topic was sorta lame because we don't live near an ocean and are not visiting one this summer.  Plus we don't live near an aquarium so we couldn't even see any oceanic creature that got plucked from the Deep Blue and now takes up residence in the Midwest. Does looking at the lobster tank at the grocery store count as a field trip?? I still think the little things we did kept the boys attention and some things were learned.

While at the library last week we found Disney's Oceans documentary and …

My Fitness Targets

I've been able to work out more lately now that I am out of my postpartum lazy days and now that I'm officially done with having kids, it's time to take back my body for me. I did a little fitness evaluation. Numbers are always my enemy on the scale, but thankfully my bloodwork numbers (cholesterol, BP, triglycerides) are not bad at all and are in the normal ranges. The number I see on the scale gives me a big frowny face, but we've been at odds since I was 11. (Please don't let the case for my kids, especially Cora) There are other numbers besides the scale too, so I checked those out on WebMd's Body Calculator and it spit out the following information.

Summer of Sanity - Week 1 - Transportation

I'm not going to lose it. I will make it to August. I will. I will. I will.

I decided to spice up the crazy schedule this week and sign the boys up for swim lessons for the month. (What the hell was I thinking??) The only spot open of course was at dinner time 2x a week. So, with tee-ball, that makes 4x a week we are gone during dinner time. Awesome, not.  I'm really trying to hold it all together here.  Everything just seems to take forever to do, like getting out the door, cooking lunch, etc. No matter how prepared I am.

Let's see here, my 3 year old has no care or concern for my sticker charts and I can't seem to find what motivates him to listen--yet. The screen time sticker chart has been a savior and he is at least responding well to that. I have figured out that my reaction of yelling doesn't cut it. My 6 year old has the idea that this is the summer of independence but is responding nicely to the charts. His biggest behavior issue is trying to parent hi…

Summer of Sanity - Reading Challenge

Another part of our Summer of Sanity includes a reading challenge.  Yet again no originality on my part, I found the idea on Pinterest.  Here is Alex's Chart below.  Cameron just has the goal of reading 2 books a week, his choice.  Alex's reward for completing the challenge is just completing it.  We're working on doing things for the warm fuzzy feeling we get, not a tangible reward.

Pro-Tip: Yellow ain't so Sunny

I'm not sure why it was chosen but it seems in hindsight a very poor choice on behalf of the original homeowners of our house.  They chose to paint the laundry room YELLOW.
What's that?  You can't see the color I typed very well?  Yeah, well welcome to my hell.  Do you understand the reflection YELLOWgives off?  Let me tell you it is approximately the same color as, oh I don't about baby poop! So yeah, good luck trying to see if you've gotten all of your clothes clean.  
Take another look at the ugliest room in my house from this post.

I just have to laugh when I see laundry rooms like this on Pinterest.  I wish.

Meal Plan Monday

The beginning of Summer is officially here and I'm attempting to pay close attention to what I eat, but also just want the cooking to be easy on me.  The biggest issue I find is that time gets away from me during the day and then Wham! it's dinner time.  It will be a little hectic this month because we have swimming and t-ball 3 nights a week that fall right smack-dab in the middle of dinner time.