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Introducing Lady Cora!

Better a late announcement than never, right?

My little lady Cora arrived 9 days past my due date but was well worth the wait.  Thankfully I felt pretty good towards the end, minus being impatient.

She is named for my great-grandmother (Cora) and her middle name (LaVaughn) is my grandmothers.  I went back and forth about the middle name and nearly chose Elizabeth for a classic sound, but sharing the news with my grandma that she was given her name as her middle name assured me I made the right decision.

If you have the pleasure of knowing my grandmother in real life she's quiet the character and any of that sweet and sassy personality I'd love for Cora to have along with her strength and optimism.  Top that with the fact that where I would be right now without my grandma in my life is a total mystery that probably would have a sad ending.  Here they are together meeting.

My family feels complete and I am so in love (again).  It's amazing how much love you can cram into your heart.

Now I suggest you stop reading this post if you don't want more sunshine and rainbows about how great this whole experience was or how spectacular of a baby she is.  And no, I'm not making any of it up to make myself sound awesome.  It is what it is and I'm so ever grateful for all of it.  Trust me, I know not everyone gets the fairytale that goes this way, and I pray for all of those out there that are or have struggled with any of it.

Labor and Delivery Details:

My rather joyful pregnancy was followed up by a joyful delivery.  I was checked into for my induction around 8am with things really starting around 9:30am with pitocin.  At some point my water broke and that good ol' epidural was in by 3:30. (I'll pick another "woman hear me roar" battle someday) Cora arrived by 6:30 just a picture of perfection and another testament to the blessings in my life.

It really really shouldn't be that easy for me to have babies.


My physical recovery has been too easy considering I can name at least 2 times where I've had the flu take me longer to bounce back from.

She is the smallest of our "breeds" weighing in at 8lbs. 8oz. and 21in.  looking just like her older brother Cameron and has a very easy going personality.  I'm seeing a lot of my mom in her too, but I don't know if I'm just looking for what I want to.


I'm also thanking my lucky stars that by 3 weeks she was sleeping through the night.  That's 3 for 3 (don't hate, congratulate) that I got blessed for good sleepers and yes, I'm putting that on God although I think my techniques help a little bit.  I'm still plenty tired though between nursing, wrangling around the boys, and other household tasks at hand.  However, I plan to snuggle with her 24/7 until I go back to work in the fall which hopefully won't backfire on me.  *knocks on wood*

The other stuff:

Nursing got off to a decent start, but then whoa momma did I have pain for that first week.  Thank God for a little invention called the nipple shield.  Where was this do-hickey with kids 1 and 2?  Once that started working, things have been so much better. It's nowhere near the time or hardship that it was with Alex the first time.

I might be in my pre-pregnancy pants and they are zipped up but that doesn't mean I'm looking good.  The same can be said for my hormonal state.  It might look like I've got my act together, but there are definite ups and downs of me not losing it.  Hopefully things stay on the up and up.

So far we are all adjusting well to our new addition.  I might have overdone with lots of guests all at first (and they are still coming), but I wanted to get the visitations out of the way so we could start getting used to being a family of five with our routine. Daddy went back to work pretty much immediately, but has been a huge help especially getting the boys out the door in the morning for school.  I've really enjoyed just spending the days with Cora and summer will be fun when the boys join us.  There definitely has been in a change in our dynamic since she arrived.  The boys are testing their independence more and seeing what they can get away with while we are distracted.  That doesn't always work out well with us when we are tired and worn out with our patience levels low but we are all learning and soon summer will be here with a whole new routine to adjust to.

Thank you for welcoming and reading about my new little girl!


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