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Summer of Sanity - 2014

Over the next ten weeks my role changes to that of a SAHM.

I love that my professional allows me this time off to be with my kids, but I work for a reason and I have the utmost respect for SAHMs. I am strong enough to know I couldn't hack it 24/7 with my little darlings. With that knowledge, here's to hoping if I set up a routine my life will be easier with everyone in the household.

I shall dub this summer the Summer of Sanity where hopefully I won't hear "I'm bored" 4,000 times, have TV zombies, be a full-time referee, suffer from mom-brain-drain, or look at the calendar in August and realize we've got nothing to show for our summer together.

This routine includes a loose schedule, activities, rewards, and consequences. I'll be sharing the specifics of my plan and writing feedback on how things turn out or if they all get thrown in the trash two weeks from now. I definitely will not have every minute planned nor will I freak out when the schedule …

Another 5K down

I was so proud of myself for this one.  8 weeks postpartum and no training since last September and I beat my time last year by 2 minutes.  A year and half ago I would've made excuses and joked about how 5K's or any races were for losers.   I finished dead in the middle this year for all participants and for those in my age/gender category.

Oh, and see that little guy next to me?  He saw me towards the end and joined in.  No matter what my time is I'm estatic to have Alex join me exercising and finishing something I start.  I can't recall many times, if any, I saw my parents do either one of those, so to me it is great that I'm modeling this behavior for all my kids, even if I'm the worst sports mom ever (more on that later).

Sure my time is pretty slow, but who cares?  I'm doing this for me and I enjoy it.  I know I'll get at least one more official 5k in the books this year, but for now I'm just doing them as part of my workout routine.  We'll …

Meal Plan Monday

Not too exciting of a menu this week. I find that we have lots of leftovers as I've mentioned before so the need for seven creative meals during the week isn't necessary.  Makes my life way easier!  We also have 3 tee-ball games this week so I need dinner to be quick.

Baby Girl's Shower

It might be against the "rules" to have a shower for your 3rd baby, but when you've got gracious friends like I do, plus add that the baby is a girl, a shower is bound to happen.  I can't blame them since I'm one to throw a party any time I can too.
My lovely friend Tiffany threw together this pink sprinkle for me and I was so thankful.  It was just fun to get together with the girls to gush over tiny things, eat, drink, and be merry.

These lollipops are from Party City and there were enough extras that I shared them with my students at school. They RAVED about them so much, I think they might be my new go-to sweet treat for them. It was at my friend's house and I just love her taste in decor.  Fabulous!

We dined on yummy tea sandwiches, pink champagne, pink caramel popcorn and the most delicious cake.

Tater Tot Casserole

Who in the hell buys 8 POUNDS of tater tots?  >> this girl <<

We belong to Sam's Club and I try to make my purchases there based upon things I seem to buy on my weekly trips to the regular grocery store.  I swear I was buying tater tots every week, that is until I put an 8 lb. bag of them in our freezer.  We are buying a deep freeze next month, but until then I need to free up some space so I put my own spin on some of the recipes I've seen for this casserole online.

Bonus - it's easy, simple, cheap, can be frozen for later, and you really can't screw it up.+

Meal Plan Monday

I'm back to meal planning now that school's out and emerging out of the taking care of a newborn phase.  My pregnant days are behind me which should help eliminate the nights of me having cravings and just being lazy and not wanting to cook after work all day.

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