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Boston Strong

I'm sure you're aware that the one year anniversary of the bombing at the Boston Marathon occurred earlier this week. It is with certainty that the bombing will always be associated with the marathon when remembering it, but I was unaware until last year of another pretty cool event that also makes memorable. 
Now you see, I used to hate running but last year when I did my cute little 5K races it never occurred to me that a few generations ago, racing was something I couldn't participate in.  I mean come on, it is just running, right?
Enter the story of Kathrine Switzer.  If you don't know of her story, you should.  Take 3 minutes to watch the video below. 

My jaw literally dropped to the ground when I saw this video accompanied by her story.  Now I'm a looonnnggg way away from running a marathon, but I truly admire Kathrine's contribution to sports and equality for women.  Thankfully we have come such a long way with our values regarding fitness, running, an…

Listen to my Pregnancy Stories!!!

I'm now that mom.I'm the mom who can't remember squat about what we ate for dinner last Tuesday or if I ran the dishwasher this morning, but if you ask me about any situation I faced during pregnancy or what happened on "the big day" of labor and delivery, I can give you an awesome play by play that would rival Kirk Herbstreit on a Saturday in the fall.I've noticed something about this, it isn't just me. Most women have this magical gift to recount the love story that is the journey of their first steps into motherhood.  Even if they are horrifically scary or tragic, or a hardcore oxytocin induced trance, they have got their stories down.My grandmother is 93 years old and can't recall very much these days, but you better believe she can remember all of the times she gave birth and how she craved watermelon so bad in December of 1946 but it wasn't meant to be found at the stores in rural northern Ohio.  My own my mother, who blamed me for ruining h…

Easter Baskets for various ages

This post from 2 years ago makes me cringe.  So.much.stuff.  They really don't need that much and the fact I added this post about seven months later reiterated the fact that they don't need that much stuff.  Add on that the boys alone each get 3 additional Easter baskets from extended family and well, we've got too much stuff and missed the reason for the season. So this year, I am pretty proud that I have trimmed it down a lot.  Still have to buy clothes for church though, hmph.
Newborn Baby Girl has been getting spoiled with packages nearly daily so she doesn't need much at all.  I did replace a few of the toys that didn't make it through her brothers but were a hit with them. Hallmark Itty Bittys - Ariel (her uncle got her Tinkerbell already) Melissa & Doug Nesting Blocks Stacking Cups Rattle Toddler (age 3) Now he is 3 and that age is very difficult not to spoil the crap out of, but I'm taking it easy.  Hallmark Itty Bittys - Sully (He got Mike for Valent…

Pro-Tips on Visiting a New Mom

I'm thinking of starting a new series on here called "Pro-Tips"  I consider myself a professional of various things in life.  This might make me more commonly referred to as any of the following: a-know-it-all, full of common sense, not a dumb ass, or just sick of people doing stupid shit.

Anyways, I thought what a perfect way to start off this series than with pro-tips for visiting a new mom.  Now that I've experienced this 3 times, I'm declaring myself a pro (read again: tired of people's shit)

If you are a hospital employee:
Ask the mom if she wants to be cluster checked or not.  Some new moms in the hospital need lots of attention, others don't. This being our 3rd time at the rodeo most of the staff got that memo and left us alone understanding that this was our 48 hours of peace and quiet to bond with Tater Tot instead.  Greatly appreciated.Check the frickin' schedule.  Ok, if you come in and ask me when baby ate, and then you come in 1 hour and 4…