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Ready for my spring arrival

What a difference a week makes.  I'm still carrying around my little tater tot and she still seems cozy.  I had scheduled an induction for last Sunday/Monday but cancelled it.  It just didn't feel like the right thing to do at that time.  Instead of stressing about it that weekend I enjoyed time with extended family and finally wrapped up the school year working.

Today's appointment gave me a final peek at baby girl before she arrives.  She's doing great and apparently has gotten the message about the Chicken Parmesan because she has plumped up to 8lbs. 9oz. this week.  Although, this isn't my first rodeo with an ultrasound and weight so I'm not getting worked up about any of that nonsense, but the vain mommy in me is glad that my scale hasn't changed but her measurements have.  That's just the way I like it.  I've decided to evict her the first day of Spring, this Friday.  I feel it is time and I'm favorable to respond well to an induction.  I …

Due Date Passed

So I'm 2 days passed my due date which is torturous when you've delivered one of your children during 38 weeks.  Perhaps even more torture is when one of the (wacko) doctors in my practice offered to induce me at 38 weeks this time dangling that carrot in front of me.  But alas, here I sit. 

I actually feel really really good and with that I guess I should wait things out and let baby girl bake a little more.  I've had some killer contractions that mostly take place on my right butt cheek which I can't explain and isn't anywhere near my lady parts, but they are horrendous!  Other than that not much action and clearly from the picture below taken on my due date I haven't dropped.  Tater Tot was looking good last week at an ultrasound measuring 7 lbs. 4 oz. which is about 2 lbs. smaller than the boys were at that point.  Thankfully, I  have been feeling smaller so that explains why.  Maybe she's trying to break the 9lb. mark.  I've eaten enough Chicken Pa…