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2013 Goals - Where I Ended Up

So here is what is was on my list for 2013 goals:

obtain my wedding weight by March 31st and more from there on- Fail, however I did get under a number I wanted too and stayed there until I got knocked up.participate in at least one 5k walk/run -Boo-Yah!  I did 4 of these this year!take a vacation with just the hubby- this will probably be short & sweet, but it's 3 "fun" books - I blame Candy Crush, sadly.Get my 2 closets full of clothes down to one, and make my clothes fabulous and functional! - almost there but not enough to actually complete.  This will be done by March though.Hang up pictures in my house.  It is sad that this is even a goal. - I hung up at least one wall collage and have the frame ready to go for when #3 arrives for our big family photo.  Pathetic goal, but it was real to me :)Design my living & Dining Room to not be so piecey - I'm getting there slowly on my Living Room, but the Dining room is still as is.  Th…

The Secret to a Great Labor and Delivery

My bestie over at Truly Margaret Mary is expecting her first little bundle of joy in a few weeks (eep!) just ahead of my own impending bundle of joy's arrival.  Unfortunately, too many miles, and most likely yucky winter weather, separate us to where I won't be able to perform my protective bouncer/womance duties during her L&D experience that served us so well when we were roommates.  However, her awesome husband and own will and determination will serve her well during this experience.

However, I'm going to let her and you all in on a little secret to a great L&D experience.

Here it is...the nurse(s)

Yes, folks, the job that I could never ever do that is done by so many wonderful was the key to #2's arrival being a surreal experience of, dare I say it, comfort and joy.

Let's travel back in time 6 years ago this week to the arrival of my first son.  My L&D started out textbook.  Lost the plug, water broke a two days later, arrived at hospital showered …

Disney Recap

We did it!  We survived a wonderful week at Disney World!  Everything went off without a hitch and it was a week full of magical goodness and family made memories.

We started off early in the morning to catch our 6am flight, and surprised the boys at the airport.  We didn't get a Disney-worthy commercial out of it at all.  Alex was surprised but rather reserved and Cameron cried.  I blame it on being up that morning at 3am.  Wah. Wah.

After a nice little anxiety attack on the plane by myself, I managed to enjoy the fact that the boys were sleeping and well behaved.  We arrived an immediately were swept away by Disney's resort transportation, the Magical Express, off to our resort, Caribbean Beach.  We checked in and since our luggage would be arriving separately later at the hotel we decided to head on over to the Magic Kingdom to arrive just in time for our 11am lunch reservations at the Plaza Restaurant.

We had great weather this day and changing into shorts/capris at the ai…

Celebrate, Don't Bellyache!

It's that time of year where for the most part the air if full of all the sights, smells, and sounds of a cheery holiday season...for the most part.

Listen, I know that life deals us a crappy hand at times and that also the timing of those events can be tragically close to the holidays, but try not to let it steal all the good that is still existing around you.

I've never known anyone in mourning say, "Oh the holidays are tough b/c "X" hated them so much".  No shit.  They loved the holidays, so why mope around with out them? 

I lost my mom last year, and she LOVED Christmas.  In fact the few happy memories I have of her and my childhood exist at this time of year.  The first year was definitely hard and when I put up the Rocking Horse tree solely dedicated to her, my heart always twinges a little bit.  However, me crying and being sad does her an injustice as well as creating new memories around me with those that are still around and the blessings that …