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Meal Plan Monday

Everything this week comes to you straight from my freezer.  I've been meaning to get it cleaned out so I can get new fall dishes prepared.  I usually make double batches of those so I need the freezer space back.

Potato Soup

Spaghetti & Meat Sauce

Tuesday Chicken Florentine w/pasta
Wednesday Cheesy Chicken Noodle Casserole

Thursday Skirt Steak w/tomatoes, balsamic, and onions
Friday Chicken Pot Pies w/veggies

Am I Showing?

How to answer this question when a pregnant woman asks is quite easy.  The answer is "Yes."

Here's why.

You might not be able to see diddly squat change on her even if she's 20+ weeks along, however you better believe that since about week 6, if not earlier, she is incredibly aware that her body is indeed changing, particularly her midsection.  Now this might be bloat, baby, or chocolate cupcakes as the cause, but whatever the cause she's noticed she's not the same and she's looking for reassurance that you know she's got something growing inside her besides a tapeworm.  She's also not trying to trick you into telling her you think she's fat.  She simply just wants some justification of why her underwear and comfy fat girl pants are all of a sudden not as cozy as they once were.  So humor her, please, and tell her yes indeed you think you spy a perfect tiny little baby making bump at work.  Also, if you say "yes" and the water works …

Yay! Fall is here!

Sigh, I love fall.  L-O-V-E it.  Happy Fall Equinox everyone!

I loved it before Pinterest told me all the soups I should be cooking, how to decorate my house with pumpkins and leaves, and how to dress in jeans, sweaters and boots.  Thanks, but I got this.  About the only fall trend I shy away from is the PSL craze.

Living in the midwest I hate that this season is always the shortest between blistering hot temps (was it really 90 last week?!) and gray coverage that looms over us from November until March. I promise to do my best to savor each day/weekend for this short lived period of time.

However I'm excited to see the warm golden colors appear, have the kids rake the leaves and play in them, get all bundled up for chilly nights, eat comfort food until my heart is content, watch football and enjoy the sights and smells of all the festivals.

I hope you enjoy this season as much as I do! If summer is more of your thing, sorry for your loss for now.

Meal Plan Monday

Bean Soup w/Ham and cornbread

Pasta Pot (leftover from last week)

Tuesday Swiss Steak & Potatoes w/gravy
Wednesday Freezer Dash

Thursday Yo-Yo again (leftovers)
Friday Freezer Dash again, we've got lo

Party of Five!

Time for me to share my news with you all that we are indeed expecting a new bundle of joy to our family this spring!  I'm pregnant....I think.  No, I mean I really am but this third time must be a charm because I've had nearly zero symptoms which is awesome.  I had pretty good, typical pregnancies with the boys except the morning sickness increased with Cameron and was no fun.  Guess it was a good thing we bought the new mom-mobile this past spring.  I also couldn't have planned it more perfectly for a teacher, I'll be delivering in March with my FMLA leave taking me until the end of the year, that means nearly six solid months of baby cuddles!  Yes, I wrote this post last September, but I already had my mind made up I think.

How are the boys handling it?
They boys have responded well to the idea.  My oldest is being super sweet and such the charmer as the older sibling planning for things in the future.  For the record, he wants another brother, but believes this one…

Fall Festival Time!

It's hereererereere!!  I love spending every weekend out at festivals in the fall.  Mmmm, sipping on hot cider and cocoa, kettle corn, apple fixings.  I love it all!

Here's a great list of Corn Maze Coupons and Fall Festival savings nationwide.  Download valuable coupons for Corn Mazes, Pumpkin Patches and Fall Family Activities.  Enjoy!

Schnepf Farms - Queen City

Forneris Farms - Mission Hills

Anderson Farms - Erie
Flat Acres Farm - Parker
Fritzler Maze - La Salle
Sunflower Farm - Longmont
Mile High Farms - Bennett
Wishing Star Farm - Calhan
Harvest Farm - Wellington

Devine Acres Farm - Devine
Fiesta Farm - San Antonio
Yesterland Farm - Canton
South Texas Maize - Hondo
Dewberry Farm - Brookshire
Brazos Valley Maize- Brenham

CM Farms - Dry Creek

Lane Southern Orchards - Fort Valley
Poppell Farms - Odum

Farmer Charley's Corn Maze Adventure - Monroe

Amazing Fall Fun - Waterloo
Harvest Tyme Pumpkin Patch - Lowell
Hobson's …

Meal Plan Monday

Time to get back in the groove of things now that school's started.  I'm excited to get cooking some of my favorite fall recipes although it's still 80+ outside.

Leftovers (enchiladas/pasta/Chinese)

Rotisserie chicken w/mashed potatoes and veggie

Taco Tuesday - out after soccer practice

Chicken Cordon Bleu Casserole

Chili w/macaroni

Pasta Pot

Football Food - Homemade Calzones and "Fried Pickles"

A Perfect Day of Food

Another awesome blogger who is also my bff posted a Perfect Day of Food post.  Think of it as a last day of meals vs. just one.  Oh, and calories don't count.  Now this is a menu plan I can get behind and I'm pretty sure I'm ignoring the time frame too and taking all 24 gluttonous hours into account.

I know I have probably consumed this many calories on a day, but not with this type of quality behind it.  And yes, I know I shouldn't eat right before bed.

Here's my gluttonous list...

My Christmas Day Casserole is a sausage and leek casserole from FoodTv's couple the Neelys Fresh FruitPancakes & a 1/2 gallon of Strawberry OJ from Yolk.Also I'll need a 1/2 gallon of OJ from the Orange Ring in Haines City, FL off Rte. 27.  Tear that I'll probably never get this againAM Snack:
A chocolate peanut butter banana know for the proteinLunch:
A deli club the size of Texas on a crossiant with ham, cheddar, mayo, dijon, bacon, turkey, and l…