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Summer T-Ball

We got Alex on the t-ball team this year and he seemed to enjoy himself.  Although I must say most of the enjoyment came on our end and the other parents watching their little munchkins attempt to play.  Who know squatting down and picking at dirt could be so interesting?  The games were only once a week with no practices.  The game itself consisted of two innings so everyone gets to bat twice and of course, no score is kept and everyone gets a medal and a trophy.

Now onto fall socccer!

News from others

You know what is *this* close to being better than announcing big life altering news in your own life?  Hearing that type of news from others!  My bestie is pregnant with her first and I'm over the moon excited for her.  She's like a sister to me and this is how I felt when my brother told me I was going to be an Auntie years ago.  She's going to be an awesome mom which I hope she knows and I'm excited to see her go through this process.  Plus I'm going to spoil that baby!

What news have you heard from others that you love?

Disney Free Dining Tip

I posted last week how I was saving money on our trip to Disney World this coming fall.  I thought I'd pass on a little hint a friend of mine passed on to me that saved us about $700.  FREE Dining at Disney.  If you stay at a Disney resort you most likely have the opportunity to eat for free.  But, when we made our reservations I was bummed to see that the dates didn't coincide with our visit.  However, a veteran mouse visiting expert friend of mine informed me that you simply have to arrive one of those days, not stay during those dates.

See down below,  you just have to arrive sometime during those dates and not actually check in and out during the time.  You'd still qualify for free dining if you arrive Oct. 2nd and depart Oct. 7th.   Pretty cool huh?  Also sometimes you don't need to stay 6 nights so don't let that intimidate you either.

How do you get this free dining option?
follow WDW on Facebook where they'll post these deals usually 1-4 months before …