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Update on OD - Operation Disney

A few things have changed with our trip for the better.  And by better I mean cha-ching - saving big bucks!  I first thought this trip was going to rival our honeymoon in costs, but now it looks like we're going for just about as much as we spent on our summer vacation, including flights!

How you might ask?  Well here's how...
My brother-in-law travels like crazy for his job and ever so graciously donated his flyer miles to us.  He already has built back up what he gave us if that tells you anything.  All we had to pay was tax which was get this...$20 for all 4 of us!  Super nice of him.Free Dining.  We thought we were going to get blacked out for this but we changed our dates slightly and now we have free dining which meant we were able to extend our stay for 1 day as well as upgrade our resort to Caribbean Beach resort for the same price we were originally going to pay. This gives us plenty to of time for the week to accomplish all we want to without rushing.  I'm psyche…

Summer Vacation Recap

Yay!  No bed bugs this time.  That already made the trip 1000 times better.  We had a great time in Raleigh, Myrtle Beach, and Gatlinburg.  Bonus -- we missed all of the crappy weather whether it was monsoons or heat waves.

We started off at my brother in law's in Raleigh and even though his AC was broke, his house was quiet cool and the pool in the backyard made us forget about it.

A couple days later we made our way to Myrtle Beach, SC and plopped ourselves on the beach for the week.  I highly recommend shelling out the money for renting the beach umbrellas and chairs.  Economics 101 is Opportunity Cost my packing or buying up the gear yourself which you'd use once a year anyways and no lugging it down to the beach every morning and back every afternoon along with the little ones.  Money well spent in our book.  We did ate breakfast and lunch in our efficiency room and had dinner out.  It was a great beach bum vacation full of R&R.  Nothing is better than se…