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Meal Plan Monday

Picnic in the park - sandwiches, salads and deli sides

Grilled Peppercorn Chicken & Cesar Salad and Addictive Corn

Taco Tuesday -Taco Spaghetti w/ground turkey Wednesday Cupcake Pizzas & Salad

My first 5k!

Since I have been so MIA on here you might have noticed that my weekly Slimming Down Sunday entries have gone away as well.  The good news is that just because I've been off of my blog I have still been trying towards my goals of getting healthier.

Notes: The biggest change since my last entry is that I've started the C25K program and I'm loving it!  Yikes, was that me that just admitted I'm loving running jogging?  Why yes, yes it was.  I have found myself improving so much on it and really wanting to do it more.  I'm only in week 4 and have 5 more to go, but I know I'm going to be able to finish it.

The other HUGE news is that I actually participated in a 5k that was impromtu.  It was a local one here held for pancreatic cancer so I ran for me in honor of my mom.  I had the goal of a 40 minute finish, but ended with 47.  I was still very very proud of myself for finishing it.  After all I had a stomach bug that morning and was puking plus it was 82 with humidi…

Momma's Got a New Ride

Well we made a decision and have decided that indeed #3 is worth trying for.  I wrote about being on the fence about it last fall, and we made the decision earlier this year to try this summer. 

With the planning we decided to get a new car and I'm loving it so far even though I'm cringing at how cliche I am of a suburban mother.   We decided to forgo the minivan and knew we were buying used so for some reason I really was drawn to the Ford Taurus X.  A crossover wagon SUV of sorts.  As much as I try to say it's smaller than an SUV or a Van, it really is about the same size as them.  Hopefully I didn't rush too hastily into my decision.  Like most of the decisions I make in my life this one is very functional and practical.  I love the room in the 3rd row plus all of the storage.  And yes finally I don't have a bland grey or silver colored car!  The one I bought was similar to the picture below, maroon, minus the beige trim on the outside.  Now we've got more t…

Start of Summer Break

Thank you little baby Jesus for the summer finally being here and my school year coming to an end! The first part of this year was more personal and professional drain that I'd like in a school year, however the second part of the year went smoothly.  I'm so glad to be able to recharge my batteries and spend time home with the boys.  Lots of new changes are coming to my job next year including a new room which will move me away from some of my close coworkers.  Lots of new teaching laws coming into action too which I'll have to deal with even though I disagree with a lot of them.

Anyways, last summer I made a bucket list for summer, but I'm not going to be making one for this summer since most of it will just be a repeat.  We are planning a couple of short trips here and there that will rack up mileage on our new car.  But for now I just want to sit back and enjoy the time until August smacks me in the face and I'm back to work. 

What are your plans for summer?

Mother's Day Gifts

I'm coming out of my hiatus to give you some delightful Mother's Day Gift ideas.  I haven't asked for any of these in particular, but they are all lovely.  Enjoy and you'll be seeing more of me as there are only 2 weeks left of the school year.  I've missed you all!

Monogrammed VaseFamily Tree NecklaceGustav Klimt - Mother & Child Personalized PrintMom Pillow - personalized with date and children's namesLine a Day Journal - quick for moms on the go