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Boys Easter Outfits on a Budget

Can I say how happy I am to have boys?  Whew!  We don't really go all out for Easter celebrations in my house, but like most people I want the boys to look nice for church and the Easter dinner.  I'd be broke if I had little girls.

Here are their outfit breakdowns

Cameron (left)
Shirt: $10 from Target
Pants: Hand-me-downs from big bro

Alex (right)
Shirt: $12 from Burlington (and it came with another tie to use later)
Tie: $4 from Target to compliment Cameron
Pants: old purchase from last year's clearance ($6)

I am also a very bad mommy because I don't buy them dress shoes.  They literally only wear dress shoes to church and since we don't go to church too often, I didn't see the need to spend the money right now. Not to mention trying to get my 2 yr. old to give up his Spiderman shoes is asking for a tantrum that I'm not about to have.Again, this would probably be a different story if I had girls.

Why I won't ever shop at Victoria's Secret

Sure, I never shopped there because they claim to know how a bra should fit a woman, but actually know shit about it, but I won't be shopping there because I'm not in support of the direction their company is heading in.

I am not sure if it is a false claim yet, but this article in The Black Sphere claims that VS is introducing a new line targeted at tweens.  I want no part of it and nor should any other female.  Bright Young Things as they call it, is apparently under the mindset that this is what little girls need and the message they should be sending out to boys.  Their PINK line already pushes the envelope with it's marketing and fascination with the tween scene.  No need to take it a notch further into elementary schools. 

Little girls need to feel proud and comfortable with their bodies, but to objectify them in a sexual manner at such a young age is not going to get them there.

Capitalist greed of chasing after company profits already involves compromising so many …

Slimming Down Sunday -- Week 10 (Year 2)

Total Difference: holding steady still on the +2 I've had now on me for 2 weeks.

Notes: Stayed the same again this week.  I am getting rid of my goal weight time frame.  Maybe I just don't do well with dates.  I'm having a tough time the past few days because of my lack of progress and it's getting to me mentally.  I'm letting thoughts and fears get back into my head.  Any pointers on how to help stop that?  What do you do when you get in a diet rut and then start to beat yourself up?

Goal Weight:

Feel free to link up below anything that you are working on in 2013 that is new to you! 

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My New Beauty Find - Urban Decay Eye Shadow Primer

This stuff is Heaven for my eyelids.  It didn't matter if I was wearing "creaseless" eye shadows, high end eye shadows, or drug store brand eye shadows, they all creased on me.  all.of.the.time.
I went to Sephora about a month ago and purchased this product. It has become a daily used product for me and really lives up to it's name.  I'm not so keen on the "Genie in a bottle" packaging, but the performance of the products lets me see past that.  A little bit it all I need for it to do it's magic!  

Urban Decay's Eyeshadow Primer Potion Tube *all opinions in this post were of my own and I was not compensated for this post*

Makers - Women Who Make America

I certainly hope you didn't miss the incredible documentary Makers that aired on PBS Tuesday evening.  If you did, you missed something extraordinary.  Not many documentaries can hold my attention for three hours, but even watching just 3 clips from this show will charge up your estrogen.

It is really amazing and appalling to me how in 2013 women are still battling many of the same issues that have plagued us for centuries.  And to think, this series didn't even touch on the Suffrage Movement or earlier eras of struggle for women. 

Worse yet is when we turn on ourselves which it seems we so often do.  Let go of the Mommy Wars and the Lean In and just go out there and do what we all know how to do best...take charge and get it done all with a nurturing soul.

We are all so wonderful human beings and I hope that the end message of the series to help other women around the world fight for their deserved human rights is brought to realization.

Thank you to all of those women that…

Meal Plan Monday

Pizza (frozen or ordered in)

Grilled Sirloin steak w/garlic butter and baked potatoes

Taco Tuesday -Buffalo Chicken Tacos Wednesday Tomato Soup & Grilled Cheese

Thursday Yo-Yo (You're On Your Own)

Slimming Down Sunday - Week 9 (Year 2)

Total Difference: no change, still the +2 from last week.

Notes: Stayed the same this week.  I did sign up for a 5k Color Run in June and I'm very excited to do that!   Again, still hoping I can find time to work out after work during the week.  So far it looks like I might be able to this week.  I really hope so!  I'm only 28 days away from my goal and realistically, I don't see me losing 13lbs. but I'm not letting it get me down.

Goal Weight:Return to my Wedding Weight -- New Date Goal by March 31st

Feel free to link up below anything that you are working on in 2013 that is new to you! 

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