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Type 2 Diabetes - Should I Fake It?

The husband and I are *super* lucky to have both sets of our mom and dads to be Type 2 diabetic!  Jealous aren't you?  While I know my BMI needs work and my other numbers (BP, Cholesterol) aren't bad at all, I'm still worried about getting Type 2 myself.  I'm even more worried about anything messing with my pancreas after what my mom went through. 

When I was 15 pounds heavier my doctor warned me then that if I gained another 15 pounds (so 30lbs from where I am now) I'd definitely probably exhibit Type 2 levels or close to it.  *Cue running in opposite direction*  I don't want that.  Not for myself, not for my kids.  While I know things can be genetic with metabolism, my parents (and my husband's) eat like crap.  It is ridiculous.  And they eat a lot of it.  And well, that is how I grew up too.  I'm still convinced I might not ever get a defined chin that doesn't just melt into my neck, but I owe it to myself to try to see if I do.

Seeing my dad hav…

Oscar Styles - My Favs

Did you catch the Oscars this past Sunday?  I'm a sucker for a red carpet and really loved a few looks I saw show up.  Here are my favorites.  What were yours?

Best Makeup

Best Dressed

Meal Plan Monday

Yo-Yo (You're On Your Own)

Philly Style Stuffed Green Peppers

Taco Tuesday - Taco Pasta Bake Wednesday Pork Tenderloin & Vegetable Quinoa

Thursday Leftovers

Slimming Down Sunday - Week 8 (Year 2)

Total Difference: +2

Notes:Well, I was down a little all this week until I hit up the movies late last night with the family.  Couldn't resist pop, popcorn, and the M&Ms.  I see one movie like every 5 months, so I am cutting myself some slack for that.  I did work out at home during my snow day and hiked a little with the boys earlier in the week so I'm glad I was out moving a bit.  Back on the train this week.

Goal Weight:Return to my Wedding Weight -- New Date Goal by March 31st

Feel free to link up below anything that you are working on in 2013 that is new to you! 

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My Favorite Baby Picture Shots

These two shots below are when the boys were each six months old.  Alex is on the left and Cameron is on the right.  (Alex's is a scan too, sorry about the quality).

Anyways I love these two shots so much.  I've saved each of the ties hoping maybe they'll wear them for graduation someday.  6-9 months is my favorite baby stage and I could just eat them up.

BTW, did I have twins 3 years apart or is it just me?

I'm linking up over at Kelly's Korner this week where she is sharing other mom's favorite picture poses.

It's OK Thursday

It's OK.... I'm slacking on making a test b/c I'm counting on a delay tomorrow
that I think I've eaten more sweets this Valentine's Day season than on Halloween (yes, I'm still celebrating this week)

that my husband helps out so much around the house and with the kids.  I need to stop feeling guilty about it and it isn't 1962.

my sunglasses are way too big for my face

that I despise Diet Coke, yet love Coke

that I am cheating on my cleanse this week by having coffee.  It's like 12 degrees out every morning and I need something to warm me up.

Baby Boom 2013 - Trendy Baby Names

Ok, so it is only February and my babies-to-be list is huge! People were busy towards the end of 2012 and I have a feeling a few more might be conceived in 2013.

There are still a few weeks left to conceive a 2013 baby and if you're in that category here are some of the trendy names that might make their way onto your list of "maybe baby".

Clover (so you think you're clever huh?)Calla (the modern day Rose from our Grandmother's era?)Gray (after all I'm sure Mr. 50 Shades should have some of the credit for these babies)Zephyr (can't wait to get this one on my class roster)Lux (perhaps more trendy as a middle name)Florence (I already know a new baby sporting this name IRL)Lazarus (this reminds me of the department store my grandfather headed up years ago)Waverly (a hip Beverly? Also reminds me of Joy Luck Club)Marguerite (perfect with the word sweet before it)Indigo (because there's probably a patent on Blue Ivy)Bellamy (all I can think of is Bill Bella…

Meal Plan Monday

This is the plan as long as we are all healthy this week.  I've been trimming down our meals cooked at home due to the fact that we usually have so many leftovers and something usually comes up on a weeknight that makes us night want to cook. It is less pressure on me and so far has been working out.

Dinner out with the family

Yo-Yo (You're on your own)

Taco Tuesday - Stuffed Mexican Shells (my son is obsessed) Wednesday Freezer Dash

Slimming Down Sunday - Week 7 (Year 2)

Total Difference: -1.6

Notes: Yay!  This was PMS week and I had LOTS of Valentine's Day treats but I'm back down to what I was at when I got sick, but on my own.  I did do Yoga finally this week and it felt amazing.  Hoping to move forward with this week and knock a little more off.

Goal Weight: My Wedding Weight -- New Date Goal by March 31st

Feel free to link up below anything that you are working on in 2013 that is new to you! 

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Sight Word Books Review

I blogged before how we practice sight words with my oldest and I'm excited to share an excellent book series with you. If you are familiar with the "B.O.B." You know they are painful. They were recommended to us by my librarian and the interwebz talks them up but I thought they weren't that great. I didn't think they built upon one another that well and the illustrations were not very good.  Plus there were other words used in there that I felt weren't relevant or level appropriate.
I paid the preschool a visit where I work and asked the teacher for either recommendations and she pulled out the Sight Word Readers by Scholastic.  These were great!  The pictures and stories were more realistic and I saw a drastic improvement in Alex's comprehension.  Each book contains two sight words that correlate to a story.  The only negative might be that these don't really build upon one another, they are pretty separate, but still very effective. I paired up fl…

Tasty Party Meatballs

You must make these for your next get together.  So easy and tasty that you'll probably want to make double!  NOTE***They can also be made stove top using the same process.

1 bag frozen meatballs (feel free to use turkey)1 can cranberry jelly sauce (this doesn't have the chunks of cranberries in it, but no harm if you grab that kind)3/4 cup chili sauce (I used Heinz)1 tablespoon brown sugar1 1/2 teaspoon lemon juice
Thaw Meatballs (I just left them overnight in the fridge vs. the freezer)Combine ingredients into slow cooker minus the meatballs, stirAdd meatballsCook until heated through Eat

Valentine's Day Love Song

If you watched the Grammys like I did this past Sunday perhaps you too were introduced to some new songs and artists. 

One performance captured me right away.  I perked right up like Garth does in Wayne's World with my hands as my ears perked up on the prowl.  The artist that made me stop in my tracks was Miguel and his song Adorn.  Perhaps I have been living under a rock but I have no idea who this cat is, but I really don't care because this is one SEXY song.  I dare you to listen to it and not get in the mood.  I love the early 90s R&B feel to it with a hip modern twist.   Anyways, enjoy the video (warning: song is better than the video) and feel free to share with me your love songs that help spice things up in your bedroom.

New Year, New You - Casual Me

Another goal for me this year is to improve my "casual me" look.  I've been known on the weekends to wear sweatshirts, ill-fitted long sleeve t-shirts, poor fitting jeans and then pair it all with tennis shoes to run errands.  Now, in my opinion there isn't anything wrong with those options, if this is you, I'm not judging you, but I just want to distance myself away from that look.  My reasons:

I feel sloppy and lazy.  I'm lazy enough on the weekends as it is.I have lots of cute casual clothes I can't/don't wear to work that are taking up space in my closet collecting dust.I'm obsessed with the Pinterest "weekend" looksI love seeing other put together moms when I'm outI feel 100% better when I put a little more effort into my looks, and I think this will help my weight loss goals too.Now this goal isn't to say that I won't be chilling in sweats on the weekends if I don't plan on leaving the house, but if I am in public I&…

Meal Plan

I'm not proud of it, but I've got a lot of quick, processed foods getting consumed this week.

Frozen General Tso's Chicken w/rice

Monday Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo w/ Asparagus

Tuesday Yo-Yo (You're on your own)
Wednesday Chicken & Lemon Rice Soup w/bread-sticks (carry over from last week)

Thursday Asian Chicken Salad (a kit and I add the chicken)


Slimming Down Sunday - Week 6 (Year 2)

Total Difference: +1

Notes: Not too shabby...kept some of that weight off from last week and that is even with indulging in M&Ms whilst at the movies and sharing a vanilla milkshake with my boys this week.

I still have not yet been able to get to a Yoga class.  Work needs to slow down!  I've got a clean plate (pardon the pun) on my afternoons this week so I better be able to go.  The weather is supposed to be nicer too in the 50s so that will be a welcomed sight.

Goal Weight: My Wedding Weight -- New Date Goal by March 31st

Feel free to link up below anything that you are working on in 2013 that is new to you! 

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St. Lucia - My Happy Place


It is 9 degrees outside so it isn't hard to see why when I close my eyes I go to my Happy Place - St. Lucia.

The hubs and I went there BC (before children) and it was amazing.  We stayed at Ladera and the view shall never ever be replicated anyplace else.  Seriously, that picture below isn't photoshopped in any way.  Our room was wide open to the forest and it was insane!

I'm saving my pennies up to visit again although I might try Sugar Beach resort next time.  We shared this beach with this resort, but it has since been overhauled and has become a celebrity sighting hot spot.

When we win the lottery I'll visit this resort on the island.  Jade Mountain

See what others call their happy place over at Crazy Casa K's blog.

Meal Plan Monday - Super Bowl Edition

Turkey Chili and Jalapeno Cream Cheese Rolls

Monday Skinny Taste Slow Cooker Bolognese w/fresh bread & Salad

Tuesday Yo-Yo (You're on your own)
Wednesday Chicken & Lemon Rice Soup w/bread-sticks

Thursday Yo-Yo again, seriously folks let's eat those leftovers!

Slimming Down Sunday - Week 5 (Year 2)

Total Difference: -5 lb, Thank you Norovirus!

Notes: sure it is 5 lbs. of water weight and I felt like death for 12 hours, but that is my weigh in for today.  3 out of the 4 of us in our family got it and 2 1/2 days of work was missed including yoga :(  I'm hoping this week I'm back to 100%.  I rather see those 5 lbs back than have to deal with what I dealt with being sick.  No fun!

Goal Weight: My Wedding Weight -- New Date Goal by March 31st

Feel free to link up below anything that you are working on in 2013 that is new to you! 

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