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Memories of My Mother

Don't worry this isn't going to turn into some novel...hopefully, but I thought I'd share with you where I am at with the process of grief with my mom.

It's been just over three months.  I'll probably remember the date, or at least the time of year forever since a lot happened that week...a good friend had her first baby, I celebrated my seventh wedding anniversary, my mom missed sixth month mark of her diagnosis by a day, and in a horribly cruel twist further into my heart, my best friend lost her mom unexpectedly the day before.  Oh, and this was all by Wednesday of that week.

By Sunday, it was all over.  She was cremated, visiting hours were done, funeral was done.  My brother took my niece to her soccer game and after, what I suppose you could call a process of elimination, I had my mom in her urn in the back of my car and headed back home.  Hmph.  Would've thought there'd be a little more pomp and circumstance.   Not so much.

So, where does that leave …

Yolk - Happy Monday!

Ok, so part of my calorie consumption in Chicago this weekend was from the restaurant Yolk. My bestie suggested it and thank God it is a 4 hour drive away because I'd be stopping there every weekend for their pancakes. Yum-O!

Go there on your next visit and pig out. Seriously the best breakfast I've ever had including their Strawberry Orange Juice. Um, waitress I'd like a gallon please!

Maybe the guy sitting in the corner booth adding vodka to it was onto to something....

Head on over to Crazy Casa K to see what other food makes people happy!

Slimming Down Sunday- Week 4 (Year 2)

Total Difference: -1.5 lb, back to where I started the year off.

Notes: Ok, so I might have weighed in early this week knowing my weekend would be spend with my bestie in Chicago, but I was happy with that loss so I'm sticking with it until my next weigh in. Besides, I was countering all the calories I consumed over the weekend by walking my butt off and lifting all my shopping bags :)

Yoga at work starts this week so I'll be definitely hitting that up and still hope to get another day in of cardio somewhere.

Stay tuned until next week for a more accurate weigh in, lol.

Goal Weight: My Wedding Weight -- New Date Goal by March 31st

Feel free to link up below anything that you are working on in 2013 that is new to you! 

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I love you....but not this much

Here's some random Valentine's Day Treats that I will NOT be making my loved ones this year.  Good news for them is I still love them :)

These are all cute, don't get me wrong, but way too labor intensive. Ain't nobody got time for that!

What are your plans for Valentine's Day treats?

Source: via Jennifer on Pinterest
Source: via Jennifer on Pinterest
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Happy Monday - My Work Mom

Yay! A new hop for me to hook up with. Crazy Casa K is all about having a positive attitude and what better way to start the week off than with some positivity.  Her theme this week is people that make you happy.

My person that makes me happy is my Work Mom.  You know how some people have work spouses?Well I'm blessed to have a Work Mom.  She is a fellow teacher and always has such a great outlook on life and doesn't take any sass.  She is a great resource for laughter, gardening tips, and wisdom on how to balance everything.  She gives great advice when I need it, but just the right amount, not too much, just like a good mom would give to you so you could still find out stuff on your own.  She's been a very good shoulder for me to lean on this past year and I'm so glad to have her in my life.

So thank you my dear co-worker for always making my workdays, especially Mondays, happy!

Slimming Down Sunday - Week 3 (Year 2)

Total Difference: -.5 lb, back to where I started the year off.

Notes: I started off this week by getting a health screening done at work.  I'm pretty sure it's a conspiracy for my employer to use against me in the future...I kid, I kid.  Anyways, good news sorta. All of my numbers were "desirable" except for my BMI, which I already knew.  My cholesterol was maybe ten points lower than last year, but I'll have to check with my PCP on that. and my blood pressure was good as always. My BMI was 33, but if I lose those 15 pounds I'm trying too, I'll be out of the "obese" catagory.  I'm pretty sure the "normal" category won't be reached until I'm 95 and eating tomatoes and cottage cheese everyday only because "nothing tastes like it used to". 

Do you know your BMI?  Try this one out from the CDC if you don't.

I worked out 2x this week doing light cardio for 30 minutes, but it was a start.  My work is also offering …

My New Toy! (err...machine)

I had a gift card burning a hole in my pocket and decided to use it on this.  I've noticed we've been using more bread up in the house and the amount of junk in what I buy from the store is something I hope to get rid of.  I use my slow cooker a lot so I'm thinking this just doesn't collect dust on my counter.

I am also glad I'll be able to make use of a local small business bulk feed store to get my ingredients from.  Stay tuned to see what yummy creations I make.  Also, please share any recipes or resources that you have if you have a bread machine of your own.

Cusiniart 2lb Bread Machine

Meal Plan Monday

Yo-Yo (Your on your own)

Monday Fish Sticks w/Sweet Potato fries for the boys & Salad for Mom

Tuesday Beef Noodles in the Crockpot
Wednesday Leftovers 
Thursday Chicken Frozen skillet meal (cleaning out my freezer)
Friday Pizza& Salad

Slimming Down Sunday - Week 2 (Year 2)

Total Difference: +.5 lb

Notes: I totally ate my feelings this week.  How do I stop from doing this?  I eat when I'm stressed and tired like a little baby.  Unfortunately, Cameron, my youngest, hasn't been sleeping well which makes momma bear a grouchy bear especially when heading off to work each day.  I must break this cycle as well as getting him to sleep through the nights once again.

Goal Weight: My Wedding Weight -- New Date Goal by March 31st

Created by MyFitnessPal - Nutrition Facts For Foods

Feel free to link up below anything that you are working on in 2013 that is new to you!

Holiday Gifts - What did you score?

I'm here to show off my loot from the holidays and I'm also going to post my favorite gifts that I gave this year too.  Share what you received or gave too so I can squirrel the ideas away for myself or others later on.  Growing up Geeky is sharing her Favorite Holiday Gifts too so head on over for more inspiration.

Here is what things were a hit with the boys.

Slimming Down Sunday - Week 1 (Year 2)

Total Difference: - 1 lb

Notes: Here we go week 1 of my 2nd year sharing all of this with you. A little less than 3 months to go until my first goal and I'm off to an ok start.  Being at work helps my diet so much more b/c I'm structured and not able to just graze and snack at home.

Goal Weight: My Wedding Weight -- New Date Goal by March 31st

Created by MyFitnessPal - Nutrition Facts For Foods

Feel free to link up below anything that you are working on in 2013 that is new to you!

How to stop spoiling my kids

Warning--First World Problems Post (FWPP)

With Christmas just now over, I look at all the damage I've done gifts I've given, and think I've done too much.

How do I stop myself? Is it really too much? I have a hard time answering these questions.

Split families also don't help this scenario either.  I mean does anyone give just 1 gift anymore?

I mean, how did I even get here?  I have 2 boys, both born around the same time of year so what could they possibly need, especially my youngest?  Yet I manage to get sucked into Target Consumerism and shop shop shop.  Perhaps that is part of the problem too, all of the celebrations are in the same part of the year.

I partially blame the blogosphere and all it's deals being thrown at my face.  I mean sure, I suppose I could ignore my reader and the deals that pop up.

Anyways, like other areas of my life I need to simplify and be disciplined here, especially if #3 is on the way.  I think the hardest challenge is me passing up …

Hello 2013

So here is what is on my list for 2013 goals:
obtain my wedding weight by March 31st and more from there onparticipate in at least one 5k walk/runtake a vacation with just the hubby- this will probably be short & sweet, but it's 3 "fun" booksGet my 2 closets full of clothes down to one, and make my clothes fabulous and functional!Hang up pictures in my house.  It is sad that this is even a goal.Design my living & Dining Room to not be so piecey Continue to meal planstart Disney planning and savingVisit my BFF.  Too long.get the boys swimming lessonssign Alex up for Kindergarten (tear)1 if not 2 girls weekends at least Build my at-home businesses.  They got started in 2012, and I can't wait for them to grow more this year.  NA Power and Scrappy PantsDiscover career possibilities.  I've been pretty unhappy this past fall with my job and I think it is 1) the general attitude towards education in my state and 2) the fact I feel like I'm stuck …