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Meal Planning Monday

YOYO- You're on your own

Monday Chili (freezer batch) w/corn bread

Freezer Dash... I know I've got something in there to make
Pepper Steak with Rice

Thursday Leftovers
Friday Spaghetti w/bread sticks
Saturday Out to dinner

Slimming Down Sunday -- Week 38

Total Difference:  + 6 pounds this week.

Notes: This week's weight gain is brought to you by the letters P-M-S.  They all came on over night and I hope they are all gone by next week too.  I didn't even edit my fitness pal because I'm calling my body a fat liar right now.  :)

Goal Weight: My Wedding Weight

Created by MyFitnessPal - Nutrition Facts For Foods
Goal Date: 10/15/12 - my 7 year wedding anniversary

Baby Shower Candy Bar Guessing Game

For the baby shower I just hosted I found this game and loved it.  And no, it isn't that nasty one that you melt the candy bars too look like poo and guess what they used to be. Gross.

Anyways, I thought I'd share with you my list.  There are several floating around there on the internet that might help you add to your own creativity too.

I simply printed out the clues on cards and passed around the basket of candy.  It was very well received and everyone participated. I found the gas station had the best prices and selection. 

Cowboy Baby Shower

I celebrated a great friend's little baby boy today.  It was at a local BBQ restaurant so I decided to play on that and go with a Lil' Buckaroo theme.  It was pretty low-key but really turned out cute.

My Modest Tablescape
These popcorn boxes at Hobby Lobby were my inspiration for the theme of the shower.  I had seen a similar favor on Pinterest and loved them

Yummy Cake

Candy Bar Guessing Game
Venue: Local BBQ place, mom-to-be's choice.  The room was free and we had bar service...bonus! Decorations: Hobby Lobby & Dollar Tree Budget: $50 for supplies, $40 for the cake Invitations: emailed to co-workers (I'm so tacky I know)

Did I Just Say That? -- Labor Edition

In honor of Melissa over at Growing up Geeky and her new little girl, I figure I also would do my TAT post on things I said while in Labor.

"I hope it doesn't have a mullet"

"Go steal me some m***** f****** graham crackers from the nurse's station!"

"Who's brilliant idea was it to get Chipotle tonight? Of course my water breaks 2 hours later.  Now I know I'm going to poop in labor"

"Yup, those are balls." (We were team green for Cameron)

and of course....

"He's perfect" (Alexander)


"He's perfect" (Cameron)

Share any of your good quotes in my comments and head on over to Toddle Along Tuesday to see what other Mom's are finding themselves saying these days. 

Oh and I think I've got a couple more editions of these coming soon....I really need to remember what my students are saying.

Can I get a little love?

As a Government teacher, I'd be remiss if I didn't remind you that every vote counts, so make sure you vote!
If enjoy what you read here, I'd really love your vote on Top Baby Blogs. 

Hugs & Kisses to you all!

Meal Plan Monday

YOYO- You're on your own- Dad and Alex are at a ball game so it's just Cameron and I

Monday Greek Chicken w/Feta & Couscous (This will get made this week finally, I swear!)

Ravioli & Vodka Sauce w/ salad
Wednesday Leftovers

Ground Chicken lettuce cups w/rice(another carry over from last week)
Friday Out of town
Saturday Out of town

Let Fall Begin!

Today was our first festival of the season and it was wonderful to get out there.  My husband wore shorts, but I was all about stepping out in my fall fashion.  It was perfectly fitting since it was a little cool and windy when the sun was hiding behind the clouds.

I was a little bummed they were all sold out of apple dumplings, but the boys loved seeing the farm animals and looking at some of the craft displays.

We had my nephew with us too, so we were a family of three for the weekend.  Pretty fitting since I had just published this post on deciding between 2 or 3 kids.

Can't wait for more fall weekends, but I am sad this season goes by so fast!  What fall activities do you enjoy?

Slimming Down Sunday -- Week 37

Total Difference:  -8 lbs. since Thanksgiving

Notes: I'm the same this week and it's killing me! I'm so close to a mark I really want to hit, but just need to tip the scale over a little more ever so slightly.

Goal Weight: My Wedding Weight

Created by MyFitnessPal - Nutrition Facts For Foods
Goal Date: 10/15/12 - my 7 year wedding anniversary

Family Planning -- Red light, Green light?

First comes love, then comes marriage...then....

"Are you going to have kids?" --yes, this was never a question for us

"He's adorable, are you having another one?" -- again, yes this was never a question for us because we were so close with our siblings

"You can definitely tell they are brothers, are you going to try for a girl?"  -- No, well, not exactly.  I know if #3 is in the cards for us it definitely isn't so we can get a girl. 

I just honestly don't know if #3 is for us or not...but Holy Baby Fever Batman. I think about it way too much. You see, I am one of those annoying people who would love to be pregnant 24/7.  Seriously, I've said countless times that I'd pay big bucks for a pill form of what ever hormones and levels were pumping through my veins while I was pregnant.  I felt great.  But, that feeling can't go on forever and I need to get a grip on that. I just LOVE being a mom.  It is isn't by any means unicorns, fai…

Cowboy Baby Shower -- Planning

I am throwing my friend a baby shower for her baby boy and it is going to be her 3rd shower (lucky gal!) so I assume she will be all pastel-ed out.   Since we are having it at a local BBQ joint, the cowboy theme will play into the setting perfectly.  I'm going pretty low-key with this one, no formal invitations or loads of decor, but I wanted to share what I would do if I was going big...

This set is pretty cute from
And this invitation is cute plus feminine for the mommy-to-be
And this cake is absolutely adorable!
(sorry no source, broken link on Pinterest)
Great favors and framed images (source)
And this theme is full of perfection, even if the colors are a little non-traditional for a western theme (source:

Check back soon for the results of my Cowboy baby shower.

Free Marzetti Caramel Dip Recipe Book

Go grab this free recipe book online to make yummy fall treats!

Marzetti Caramel Dip Recipes

Hot or Not? -- Christmas Toys

Toys R Us just unveiled this week their Holiday Hot Toy List because you know it isn't even October yet so you had better get shopping.

Unfortunately none of the top 15 will be under our tree this year I have a feeling.  There are some good choices up there though....minus the 1D character dolls.

The rest of the list had a few things that caught my eye.  WDYT?  Are these items above and below going to be hot for Christmas, or not?

The Original Big Wheel $59.99
Playmobil Western Fort $149.99

These are high quality fun toys, but yikes on the prices!  Check back around November when the official toy book is viewed by the boys and I'll let you know their official picks of the season.

Mom Update

It has been 5 months since my mom's diagnosis of Pancreatic Cancer, and she is still fighting it. The doctors gave her 3-6 months, but somehow I think she'll beat those odds.  She is sort of a medical anomaly.

She has had a pretty rough last 2 weeks, but seems to have bounced back amazingly somehow.  We can tell her liver is in failure mode due to her now being in a constant jaundice state.  It is so hard to look into your mother's eyes when they are yellow.  I want to see her, not that. She did managed to overcome being over drugged her medication to the point we thought we had less than 24 hours with her.  I've been going home every weekend when I can for a visit, but it is hard on me.

About a month ago, I had a particularly hard weekend with her.  She had been transferred from her house to the nursing facility due to her wandering up at night and falling occasionally.  There was also other symptoms of the cancer that were requiring more constant nursing care.  She …

Vacation Recap - Part II

When we left off from Part I, we had managed to escape the bed bugs and leave them in Myrtle Beach where they appeared to be happy.  We arrived home late Sunday night and I checked our phone messages on the machine.  I had 3 of them from the resort where the bed bugs were asking me to call them regarding my credit card.  Hmm, odd, I remember being refunded all of money from them.  I get online and check my credit card statement and find that I have been charged for around $265 from them.  WTF.  Um, what part of refund did they not get?  I don't sweat it at this point and figure it is a glitch.

I call Monday and leave them a message.
I call Tuesday and leave them a message.
I call Wednesday and leave them a message.

No humans to speak with I guess.

I call Thursday and finally get the manager of the hotel.  She immediately threw her southern charm out the window when she heard it was me on the phone and told me that the charges on my credit card stand because I misunderstood her and…

Meal Plan Monday

Chinese Takeout- Chicken & Broccoli for me

Monday Greek Chicken w/Feta & Coucous (carry over from last week and the week before)

Meatloaf w/veggies
Wednesday Crockpot Beef Stroganoff

Thursday Leftovers

Friday Ground Chicken lettuce cups w/rice

Saturday Dinner Out

Slimming Down Sunday - Week 36

Total Difference:  -8 lbs. since Thanksgiving

Notes: I'm down a little more this week, about half pound more.  I think I've been doing pretty well, maybe the appeal of fall fashion is helping to motivate me.  I also had 3 different people randomly tell me I look like I've lost weight, so that is always a plus!

Goal Weight: My Wedding Weight

Created by MyFitnessPal - Nutrition Facts For Foods
Goal Date: 10/15/12 - my 7 year wedding anniversary

Patriot Day

I am super happy that my school has started saying the pledge daily too. If not for the patriotism of it, for the sole reminder of our oath to our country as it citizens.

This day should be about remembering that history is still alive around us. It isn't something that we just read in books or fiction made up on TV. Heroes are born and lost everyday, simple acts of kindness can move mountains, and most of all, we must go on to teach our own children that this world will be a better place.

Meal Plan Monday

Monday Steak Stir-fry w/veggies

Italian Chicken w/Alfredo Pasta
Wednesday Greek Chicken w/Feta & Coucous (carry over from last week)

Thursday Mexican Stuffed Shells (a favorite and easy to freeze)

Friday Grilled Chicken Caesar Salads (or we might just go out)
Saturday Out of Town

This Girl Is On Fire!

Need a Monday Pump up song or a new anthem?
Here it is.  Go get 'em ladies!

Slimming Down Sunday -- Week 35

Total Difference:  -8 lbs. since Thanksgiving

Notes: I'm down a little this week, about a pound and a half.  It is only the 2nd time since tracking that I've been this low so I'm hoping to keep that number going down!  I was excellent about tracking my food intake this week, we didn't eat out once, and I did some physical activity a couple of times such as taking the kids out for a walk and working out on my own.

Goal Weight: My Wedding Weight

Created by MyFitnessPal - Nutrition Facts For Foods
Goal Date: 10/15/12 - my 7 year wedding anniversary