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Dream Job

This week's Toddle Along Tuesday is about Dream Jobs.

Yes I love my job, but I still question if I have 22 more years in me left to do it.  22 years is a long time...I definitely will need a window in my classroom to make it that long.  My vitamin D deficiency should be covered under worker's comp.

Anyways I have 2 dream jobs that I often reflect upon, unfortunately neither one of them are very conducive my mom status right now, but maybe some day.

1) Travel Show Host (similar to Samantha Brown)
Seriously, could there be a better gig?  Traveling all over the world having exciting adventures, telling people what I think about where to stay, eat, and what to do.  Even getting pampered. Ahh, now that is blissful.

2) Brownie Baker on the Beach
Ok, let me explain this one.  When I was 12 we visited Key West, Florida and while on the boardwalk this woman was just riding her bike up and down selling brownies and other baked goods from her basket.  She looked so happy, so unstressed.  A…

Summer Slide

I'm getting ready to take off for the final phase of my vacation until school starts again.  I'll be back soon but enjoy yourselves during my hiatus!

I'll be coming back with trip recaps and other exciting posts that I know you'll all want to read up on!

Crock Pot Duo

I received this gift again from my parents this year for Christmas.  I returned the one they got me last year because I just couldn't figure out when I would ever have the need to use 2 crock pots at the same time.  But this year I decided to keep it also with the hopes of not getting another one next year from them, lol.

Here it is in use at my son's birthday party
After racking my brain, I've come up with a few uses for the Crockpot Duo.
A mexican buffet (one side taco meat -- the other shredded chicken)A pasta bar (2 sauce options)Hot sandwich bar (sloppy joes and old fashioned chicken sandwiches)Meat / Veggie Side (endless options) Hot AppetizersSpecial Dietary Needs or recipe variations (if someone needs something without an ingredient) Once-A-Month cooking.  This blog is fabulous for getting all of your cooking needs out of the way in one shot with much of the preparation being done in a slow cooker. I'm quiet surprised how handy it has already been.  Maybe you ca…

The Language of Cloth Diapering

If you've ever listened in on a conversation regarding CDs you probably were thinking: What language are they speaking? 

Don't let them scare you off!  Beginning CDing can be a little intimidating at first, but it really is not that hard, or that gross. 

We didn't start Cloth Diapering (CDing) until Cameron was born, mostly because my husband was against it. I eventually tried it out anyways and loved it!  There was a learning curve -- especially with the lingo -- but now I am fluent in another language. 

Here are 2 website resources that give definitions and many of the acronyms that you might come across when CDing.  They will help you differntiate the types of diapers there are and then you can get a clue of what others are talking about to narrow down the type you want to use.
Awesome Cloth Diapers
The Cloth Diaper 411

The web has so many sources to help you learn to CD but I'm lucky enough to have a store near me that specializes in CDs, so look around your local area…

Meal Plan Monday

Monday: Steak Salad
Tuesday: Stuffed Red Peppers
Wednesday: Filet w/Caprese Salad
Thursday: LEmon Chicken & Quinoa

Friday: LEftovers - Cleaning out the Fridge

Saturday: Out Of Town

100 Free Birthday Cards!

We've all been there, at least I hope you've been there with me.  You are invited to a birthday party, usually for your child and you are scrambling to get the gift and a card.  Use this little time saver for the cards!  A friend of mine clued me in on this and I finally got around to ordering some for ourselves. 

Vistaprint is now running the special again so hurry and order yours, but check back to them for deal frequently.

Simply attach these to the package instead of rushing around to find a card every time you are invited to a birthday party for your child.  The back can be left blank to still personalize a message.

Here is how you can get yours:
Go to VistaprintScroll down and select ‘Free Postcards’Search for ‘Birthday’, 'Gifts' or 'Presents' to display various card styles that might work for you.You can just edit the text on the postcards, then increase the font size, change the font color, etc. {get creative, and have fun designing yours!}Skip through …

Slimming Down Sunday - Week 27

Week 27

Weight Change:  -4 pounds

Total Difference:  -7 lbs. since Thanksgiving

Notes: Whew, I think I've gotten rid of my vacation weight...but we go on another 9 day long vacation this week.  I'm hoping I don't get out of control with things again, there will be less alcohol, so that might help reduce excess calories.

Below I've added my ticker for my date goal...I'm trying not to let it get to me.  But that is a lot of weight to try to lose in 12 weeks.  Sigh.  What have I been doing the last 27 weeks?

Goal Weight:

Created by MyFitnessPal - Nutrition Facts For Foods
Goal Date: 10/15/12 - my 7 year wedding anniversary

Pancreatic Cancer Research and Education Act

There are only a few more days to urge your Senators and Representatives to sign up and support this bill for a vote!  Please take a very quick moment to follow the link below to do so.

My mom is still fighting against her diagnosis of Pancreatic Cancer and while this may not ever help her, it might help someone else, perhaps even someone you know.  Thank you in advance for taking the time to do so!

July 4th Festivities

While experiencing one hell (no, seriously, Hell is probably not this hot) of a heat wave this last week, I tried to spend quick bursts of time outside and then retreating to the AC inside when I became a crank-ass.

We started out the week by heading to the Toledo Zoo to meet up with some other mommies.  I love this zoo!  Thankfully we got there early in the morning and left just before the golden orb in the sky began to try and melt us.

The 4th was spent inside for most of the day.  We had a long drive back from the zoo the night before and saw firework shows along the way so the boys were pretty tired.  That night we headed to our local spot for fireworks, cue melting again.
Thursday I got a little break from the heat and burned my wallet instead doing some retail therapy at the outlet mall. I earned myself some Gymbucks as well as used a little restraint from buying a Coach purse. I settled instead for a new wristlet.

Friday we sat viewed the Air Show from the comfort of our back …

Meal Plan Monday

sunday: Pizza Night out with the Family

Monday: Taco Monkey Bread - A New Recipe I'm trying

Tuesday: Chicken Divan

Wednesday: The Boys Are oN Their Own

Thursday:  lemon Chicken w/Lemon Quinoa

Friday: Crockpot Roast

Saturday: Leftovers

License or No License?

As a teacher I should be groaning when I see the "back to school" sales but I just can't because I remember gushing at the displays when I was a little girl.  I loved love school.  I'm a nerd.

Anyways, this year I am even more excited because it is Alex's 2nd year of preschool.  We are stepping up this year though and he'll be going for 5 days full time.  Yikes!  I have his list all of items but the big purchases will be his backpack and lunchbox.

Here is the kicker though-- they can't have ANY licensed characters on them or anything that could be considered "too scary".  And then there is the other kick in the pants...his clothing can't have any of those things on it either.  The director warned me about "voluptuous princesses" OMG, where am I sending my child?? was my first thought.  Perfect timing since he has discovered Star Wars this summer. I'm ok with the demands I guess, but they sound a little overboard, but it is a Ch…

Slimming Down Sunday - Week 26

Week 26

Weight Change:   No Change

Total Difference:  -3 lbs. since Thanksgiving

Notes: A bad week mentally.  No change, but I've been beating myself up this week and food has constantly been on my mind.  Do people really think about their weight this much?  Anyways, despite 100+ temps this week I managed to workout twice.  I was frustrated though b/c while I enjoyed the activities (biking and walking) and I sweat my ass off, I didn't seem to burn that many calories when I calculated them. 

In the mean time, I've got something I'm looking into, but just seeing how I can incorporate it into my schedule.

Goal Date: 10/15/12 - my 7 year wedding anniversary

Goal Weight:

Created by MyFitnessPal - Nutrition Facts For Foods

Maggie from Milwaukee

Hey guys and gals! Many thanks to Amber for giving me this chance to tell you a little about myself. I'll explain who I am in a few pictures below, but the most important part is that Amber was my college roommate, my lifeline to all that was grand in those great South Carolina days! We've had ups. We've had downs. We've had laughs. We've had tears. In short, she's one of the most important women in my life!

Ah, you already know what a cool chick Amber is...let me tell you a little about myself. Here's a "day in the life" of Maggie as photographed last Saturday.

I started my own small business, Mark the Occasion Designs late last year. My focus is currently making alternative wedding bouquets using fabrics, jewelry, feathers and other notions. While I wait for my bridal client calendar to fill up, I'm doing more casual items for local Saturday markets (and shortly on Etsy...stay tuned!)

This lovely lady purchased this cobalt blue flower headban…

Citrus Bathroom

Ok, now a couple of weeks ago I showed you all my Citrus Kitchen.  Well this week I'm sharing my Citrus Bathroom.

Our house has 2 1/2 baths and we knew this one would be the main one used by our guests, but more so by our kids so I thought the BRIGHT colors would suit them just fine. The light fixtures, counter top and blinds are original. I kept the walls white for what I feel are obvious reasons and added to the color pallet with other bright citrus colors.

Where do you even find blinds this color?? Wall decals The vanity has double sinks too Shower Curtain Detail
I think that about covers all of my bright rooms in the house.  Thanks for looking!

Happy 4th of July!

We are hiding out from the heat wave that is consuming our area today and the boys are resting up from a busy day at the Toledo Zoo yesterday.  We also stopped along the road last night to see some fireworks so I kept them up even later.

I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy 4th of July with lots of fireworks with that full moon that is out!

Stay tuned soon for a special guest post from on of my most favorite people in this world!

Meal Plan Monday

sunday: Chicken Lettuce Wraps w/Dumplings

Monday: Out OF Town

Tuesday: OUT oF Town

Wednesday: Cheeseburgers & Oven Baked Pickles & Pasta Salad --     USA menu at it's finest!

Thursday: Anniversary Chicken - No it isn't our anniversary

Friday: Freezer Dash - I need to free up some space!

Saturday: Adoption Celebration at a Friend's house

July 4th Crafts

If you are trying to beat the heat a be a little patriotic at the same time try these crafts for the holiday.  It's not too late!

Sidewalk "paint" in red, white, and blue

Firework pipe cleaner painting
Festive Fans to keep cool Star Spangler Hat And as always, if you have Strawberries, Blueberries and some Cool Whip on hand, you can make a tasty patriotic treat. Pinterest has tons of adorable decoration ideas too.  Happy 4th of July!

Slimming Down Sunday - Week 25

Week 25

Weight Change:   5.6 pounds -- Holy Vacation Sh*!

Total Difference:  -3 lbs. since Thanksgiving

Notes: Yikes.  I took the past 9 days off of tracking and it totally has caught up with me.  I don't think I went overboard eating, but I did add a lot of alcohol to my diet and those drinks included sugary mixers too.  I did eat out almost the entire time too, so even if I was trying to be good it wasn't helping.  I'm home now though and hopefully my body will regulate itself by next week.  I'm getting worried that my summer is half over and I haven't make the progress I wanted too.  It would be awesome if I could get this all off before school starts, but that is only about 7 weeks away.

Time to kick in gear!

Goal Date: 10/15/12 - my 7 year wedding anniversary

Goal Weight:

Created by MyFitnessPal - Nutrition Facts For Foods