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My Boudoir

Kelly's Korner is continuing her Show Us Your Life Home Tour and this week is bedrooms.

This furniture was our first major purchase after we bought our first house.  It was way too big for our old house, but now we have plenty of space.  However, some walls that are too short and a window not exactly even in the center of the wall have the furniture arranged not exactly how I'd like to see it.
That said, two weeks ago we rearranged our furniture after 3 years living here and it feels like a brand new room.  I can't tell you how much space we gained from this simple job.  Too bad I didn't take before and after photos. We didn't take anything out, but our new arrangement is so much more spacious and bright.  Our bed used to block one of the windows and thus nearly all of the daylight. I love having a brighter room now.  I haven't gotten to hanging up pictures yet either.  Any ideas for something above our headboard or is it good the way it is?

I'd eventually like to paint, but I'm on the hunt for a new bedding set that will knock my socks off. I love the design of this current set, but the silk shantung isn't as comfy as we'd like it to be.  Also, I'm saving up to buy another crystal lamp vs. the wood one on the dresser.

Our bedroom also has the on-suite bathroom design layout that was so ever popular in the 70s.  The toilet and shower are contained in their own room but the vanity and sink are on the outside and exposed to our bedroom.  A little more privacy would be nice so as not to disturb each other when getting ready in the morning, but we are making it work so far.  We also have his/her closets which is nice.  Mine is the double and his is a single :)


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