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Witty Wednesday

As I dropped my son off to the sitter's house this past Monday, he saw another mother pulling out after dropping off her daughter. The following conversation ensued:

A: "Jessica's mom's hair is so beautiful" (said in his tender little sweet 4 yr. old voice)

Mom: "Yes it is. What do you think of mine?"

A: "Eck! Yours is just messy like a storm".

Mom: "They call it curly"........sigh

Cameron's Nursery

We were team green, but I still think the nursery came off with more of a boy feel to it than a girl. I'm over my hippo bedding from Dwell Studio (Target) but have no ideas what to do next. I want to keep the orange accents, the yellow/gold wall and the khaki colors. Any bedding ideas you have would be welcomed! I'm thinking I would like to make a decor switch before he moves into the daybed.

The furniture doesn't match and that drives me crazy, but it is what it is. The changing table/dry sink has to be in the room. My brother, myself, my niece, my nephew, and now my 2 boys have all used it as babies. I love it! The Ikea shelf is so useful, but it only matches the chair. The chair was a steal because it was a floor model. I HAD to have it. I couldn't justify spending so much on a crib, so the crib is what it is. I originally had my heart set on a $1200 Handmade Amish one, however I'm so glad I didn't go that route once Alex discovered it was perfect f…

Perpetual Pinners

Since I seem to squeeze in some Pinning Time every week, I have joined along a weekly blog hop sponsored by Midnight Mommy and Another Day in Paradise.  Check back weekly to see what I've found and link up too!

This week I focused on some ideas for the helping around the house

Sort socks in laundry bags.  This is a must for toddler socks split between two boys. It has already saved me time this week.

Source: via Amber on Pinterest

Perfect solution for my bed frame -- upholster box springs with fabric

Source: via Amber on Pinterest

I am hoping this works on my sink too.

Source: via Amber on Pinterest

Slimming Down Sunday - Week 8

Week 8

Weight Change: ???

Total Difference: -5.8 pounds since post-Thanksgiving

Goal Progress: 4.2 pounds to go before mini-goal #1 on February 1st. -- I'm shooting for March 1st now, but I'm ok with that.

Notes:  I am not sure what my change was this week, but I updated my difference and my progress.  I'm weary that I won't hit my goal by my date, or new date, but I'm still striving ahead.

I know I've set  my goal back, and I guess I am sorta cheating myself.  My goal is actually March 5th because that was where I was when my bff got married.  I was just 5 weeks post postpartum, but it was the 6 weeks that followed that I gained this weight I'm trying to shed now.

Blog hop.

Chasing Fireflies and Blissful and Wishful have teamed up for Slimming Down Sunday!

Do you have a post about weight loss tips/tricks/struggles/etc, nutrition, fitness, or related? Link it up!

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Cilantro Lime Rice

If you've dined at a little place called Chipotle, then you have had their yummy rice.This recipe is just like it, but I am assuming healthier for you.  The popular website is also a go-to for me.  She has so many delicious options.

Cilantro-Lime Rice (Chipotle style)

And I know this one has been pinned quiet a bit too, but it is an excellent accompaniment to the rice.
Slow Cooker Cilantro Lime Chicken

And if you didn't know, now you do.

Don't for get to head over to The How To Mommy to get more recipes!

Witty Wednesday

A clever and witty scene from Fight Club.

One of my favorites from the movie.

Tyler Durden: Did you know that if you mix equal parts of gasoline and frozen orange juice concentrate you can make napalm?
Narrator: No, I did not know that; is that true?
Tyler Durden: That's right... One could make all kinds of explosives, using simple household items.
Narrator: Really...?
Tyler Durden: If one were so inclined.
Narrator: Tyler, you are by far the most interesting single-serving friend I've ever met... see I have this thing: everything on a plane is single-serving...
Tyler Durden: Oh I get it, it's very clever.
Narrator: Thank you.
Tyler Durden: How's that working out for you?
Narrator: What?
Tyler Durden: Being clever.
Narrator: Great.
Tyler Durden: Keep it up then... Right up.
[Gets up from airplane seat]
Tyler Durden: Now a question of etiquette; as I pass, do I give you the ass or the crotch...?

Daddy Does It

Tonight is one of those nights that I think Daddy would run away if he could.  Nothing in particular has gone wrong; it is just one of those days I can tell he wishes he could escape the pressure of it all.  One kid is a cranky mess, one is wound up and he's battling a killer headache after working all day.

So I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to tell the blogosphere how much I love him and appreciate him. Of course I do my best to always let him know it too. My husband helps out so much with things and I truly appreciate it.  I try to stress to him that I don't need his help, but in reality he makes this parenting gig so much more bearable and enjoyable.

Here are some of his amazing accomplishments:

He has washed 99% of the bottles since our first babyHe always makes me a hot cup of coffee and it is waiting in my car for me every morningHe does the morning routine of getting the kids ready during the week and weekendHe's never afraid to lift a finger to help aro…

A "Pinning" wardrobe

I am a pinning machine on Pinterest for my style. I don't really have a style, but I think I have an eye for what I want my style to be like and Pinterest helps with that.

Here are a couple of things I have pinned for spring/summer options.

Source: via Amber on Pinterest

Source: via Amber on Pinterest

Source: via Amber on Pinterest

Source: via Amber on Pinterest

Slimming Down Sunday -- Week 7

Week 7

Weight Change: + 2 pounds!  Curse you homemade goodness from Grandma's house!

Total Difference: -5.2 pounds since post-Thanksgiving

Goal Progress: 5 pounds to go before mini-goal #1 on February 1st. -- I'm shooting for March 1st now, but I'm ok with that.

Notes: I was very close, actually at my lowest until this weekend.  We were out of town and my grandma-in-law is known for some good heavy eats.  What do you mean cake shouldn't be served with every meal?  Ok, then how about pie?  And of course I didn't want to be rude and we don't go there too often so that is probably what happened. 

I know I've set  my goal back, and I guess I am sorta cheating myself.  My goal is actually March 5th because that was where I was when my bff got married.  I was just 5 weeks post postpartum, but it was the 6 weeks that followed that I gained this weight I'm trying to shed now.

Blog hop.

Chasing Fireflies and Blissful and Wishful have teamed up for Slimming Down Sunda…

The Price of Going out to Eat

I don't want to sound like an old lady here, but when did going out to eat get so expensive? I mean I know it has always been more than cooking at home, but not by this much.

We have significantly cut back going out to eat in our house. In the BK (before kids) days, the husband and I would go out to eat all.the.time. Screw that happy homemaker crap, after work I wanted to eat, drink, and be merry. Hmm, might explain how I put on nearly 20 pounds my first year of marriage. Oops.

After Alex, we cut back going out to eat a lot. We wanted to set good eating habits at home for him and usually restaurants have horrible kids menu options. Time was also a factor and I found it was usually quicker and easier to cook at home than pack us all up and debate over what chain restaurant to eat at next. Now with two kids it is so much easier to eat at home. The key to that is being prepared with a menu, but I'll probably write more on that another time. It isn't worth the hassle,…

Witty Wednesday

Our Love Story

I just saw this on some other blogs I follow and thought I'd post mine real quick before Valentine's Day is over, especially since I was proposed to on a Valentine's Day many years ago. 1. How long have you and your significant other been together? we've been friends for 14, together for 12, and married for 6.5 2. How did you meet? {What's your "love" story?} We had co-ed dorms in college and he was the boy dorm room next to mine.  I'm one who likes to make friends right away so I didn't hesitate to introduce myself to him and his roommates.  A friendship bloomed from there with the under currents of "could this be more".  Cupid didn't officially strike us until 2 yrs later when I had and we had 12 hours between us because I had transferred schools.  Once we gave into cupid, it was all over :) 3. If married, how long have you been married? 6.5 years 4. If you are married, where did you get married at? Big or small wedding?It was a decent …

Pin Me!

Who knew something so simple could be so addicting.  See picture.  Pin picture. Repeat.
I mostly love some of the "Duh, why didn't I think of that?" things I find.
I love how this can be customized with any fabric.

I never use shower caps anyways at hotels

What a party time saver!

Stay tuned for more of my finds.

Slimming Down Sunday -- So Close, still

Week 6

Weight Change: no change

Total Difference: -7.2 pounds since post-Thanksgiving

Goal Progress: 3 pounds to go before mini-goal #1 on February 1st.

Notes: I'm not sure what happened this week. I fluctuated a lot, including getting *this* close to my goal, and my lowest weight so far this week. Some little good things I accomplished (and yes, these are small, but they still count in my book).

1. I wore my "skinny" belt this week
2. I drank water vs. Coke at my GNO
3. Also, I usually consume an embarrassing large portion of M&Ms at my GNO. I avoided pigging out on them this week.
4. I avoided the drive-thru when it was calling my name and headed straight home instead.

I did better with my snacking this week meals out Thursday and Friday probably did me in at the end of the week.

I was nicer to myself this week mentally about things so that goal was improved. How did you all fair this week?

Blog hop.

Chasing Fireflies and Blissful and Wishful have teamed up for Sli…

Monkey Brains

As a Mom of 2 boys, sometimes you have to be a little creative with dinner.

This really isn't monkey brains, however, it is the only clever name I could give to this sloppy joe,  pepper steak, stew-like concoction.  Plus, it pays tribute to Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom dinner scene where dessert is "chilled monkey brains".

Anyways, the guys in my household love this and the name just stuck.

I'm not sure if there is another popular recipe out there like this, but my friend originally shared this one with me and since she isn't a blogger, I thought I'd put it out there to share.  Let me know if you have or find a similar recipe.


2 lbs. stew beef cubed
1 package of Sloppy Joe powder (I accidentally used Chili mix once and that was also tasty)
1 green pepper, chopped or diced
1/2 onion, cut up
1/8 cup of Apple Cider Vinegar
1 can of tomato paste (6 oz.)


Mix all of the above in a slow cooker
Cook on low for 6-7 hours
Serve over No…

Witty Wednesday -- What is Love?

My husband came across this meme the other day and I couldn't help but chuckle.  I might not be right in the head.

For reference, Vlasislav is a popular Slavic name (according to Wikipedia that is).

Slimming Down Sunday -- No Dice

Week 5 Weight Change:  +.8 pounds
Total Difference:-7.2 pounds since post-Thanksgiving
Goal Progress:3 pounds to go before mini-goal #1 on February 1st.

Notes:  So close, yet so far.  I started out this week needing to lose 2.2 pounds by the 1st of the month and I didn't make it.  Surprisingly I didn't really let it get to me because I know I am so close and it will just be a matter of another week or two. I struggled with the 3pm snack attacks this week and an am in search of something to curb that.  I also struggled this week when DH and I went out to eat together.  He ate half an entree salad and I feasted on a chicken pasta dish, and no I didn't bring home left overs.  I hadn't really over indued the meal.  It didn't seem like that huge of a portion, but I felt so shameful and guilty for the rest of the meal and night.  Feeling this way was worse than not making my goal.  I have to remember that this journey just isn't about the numbers, but also how I am doi…

No More Manwich

I get it.  It's easy.

Brown meat, drain, stir in can of goodness.

But this variation I came across had my husband proclaiming that we will never buy the canned stuff again.  And it was just as easy, only less salt and a much fresher taste.  Bonus -- I made this ahead of my son's birthday party and put it in the slow cooker for the day of the party--plus it will freeze well, if you have leftovers that is.  So Delicious!

Sloppy Joes II(from
Ingredients 1 pound lean ground beef 1/4 cup chopped onion 1/4 cup chopped green bell pepper 1/2 teaspoon garlic powder 1 teaspoon prepared yellow mustard 3/4 cup ketchup 3 teaspoons brown sugar salt to taste ground black pepper to taste Directions In a medium skillet over medium heat, brown the ground …

Witty Wednesday

This blog is always good for a laugh.  I'm pretty sure she is in the works to get something published and I can't wait to get my hands on it.