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A Pirate's Life 4 Me -- Birthday Party

While planning my little boy's 4th birthday party I scoured the interwebs in search of ideas.  Now I am going to share what I came up with in hopes that it will help another party planning momma out there.

I was on a scrapbook retreat with friends when I saw the "Life's A Party" Cricut Cartridge and everything fell into place.  I substituted their saying "A Pirate's Life for Me" with the number 4 since that was how old my little guy was going to be.  It was perfect.  The only thing I had to do on this invitation was the writing.  The cartridge had the card pattern, the fonts, and all the little pirate extras.  I was so excited to send these out.

It is great that he is at an age where him and his friends can really appreciate games at parties now.  I decided to go with two of them.  I love these games too b/c they are indoor games.  Many of the suggestions I saw were for outdoor parties which are sort of impossible during December in the Midwest, or they were parties held in larger spaces such as a church basement.

    Pin the Hook on Captain Hook -- This one just kind of came to me.  It is a twist on the classic version of the "pin the tail".  I am a teacher, so after work one day on my projector I pulled up a picture of captain hook.  I zoomed it to the size I wanted, traced it and colored it.  Viola, finished.  I then took half of an index card and made 6 "hooks".  I made the bases of them different colors too so the kids could pick out their own.  Each child was then blindfolded and taped their hook onto the poster.  This was quick game and a lot of fun, plus my son now has a poster of Captain Hook for his room.  -- The prize was a foam ship from Michaels that could be put together 

    Treasure Hunt--
    I searched around and found these amazing "starter" clues.  I did a little tweaking to fit my house and printed them out.  Our "treasure chest" was just a large cooler we had and the prize was the favor bags I had made up earlier.  This was a great success a lot of fun that wasn't too hard to organize.  The favor bags included a Jake and the Neverland Pirates coloring page, an eye patch (from Target), some Hershey nuggets, a gold bead necklace, and a wooden pirate theme trinket to color with markers.This is an obvious choice for this party theme.


    This was actually a pretty inexpensive shin-dig to throw.  Thanks in part to my brother having his annual summer party be pirate themed, so I just looted all of their goodies, lol.  Also, I was in the dollar store and stumbled upon all sorts of pirate things.  I was able to pick up quiet a few goodies there like the banner, prizes for the games, plates, and favor bags. Other supplies (bandanas, ship wheel, and gold coins) cam from


    I was stressing about food trying to make it fit the theme, but I had specifically planned the party for a time that I wouldn't be needing to feed guests a meal, just some finger foods.  Between wrapping up Thanksgiving, and having a big week at work, I just decided to keep it low key.  I stocked up on yummy treats from the frozen appetizer section at my local grocery store.  I also baked some chicken nuggets to follow the "gold" theme.  I made some punch and that was about the extent of the menu.


    The cake was my favorite part.  I found a similar one on Pinterest from Family Fun magazine and recreated it as best as I could.  I added a Reese Cup as the ship's wheel, pretzels and Twizzlers along the deck, and smarties for portholes.  This was an incredibly easy cake to make.  I'd say out of my last 3 homemade attempts, this one was the best.  I created the masts with black paper, wooden dowels and help from the "Life's a Party" Cricut Cartridge.

    Thanks for reading about my son's birthday party.  The only other recommendation I have is I scheduled the party from 2-4 and should have tried for 3-5 or 4-6....I think it interrupted too many of the kid's nap times including the birthday boy.


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