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Cameron -- 11 Months

For Christmas it appears that Cameron is going to get his two front teeth and a couple more.  He has been cutting teeth like it is his job, and well, at this age I suppose it is.
He has been attempting to walk, but only around furniture or with walking toys like his shopping cart. He is saying about 3-5 words that I can make out now...mama, dada, baba, Alexander (although very slurred), and no.
I am so excited to seem him Christmas morning experience Christmas for the first time.  Alex already had his gift for him wrapped up under the tree, so cute!
We will count down the next 30 days now until my little guy turns 1!
For now, I'm off to enjoy quality time with the boys on my break.

A Pirate's Life 4 Me -- Birthday Party

While planning my little boy's 4th birthday party I scoured the interwebs in search of ideas.  Now I am going to share what I came up with in hopes that it will help another party planning momma out there.

I was on a scrapbook retreat with friends when I saw the "Life's A Party" Cricut Cartridge and everything fell into place.  I substituted their saying "A Pirate's Life for Me" with the number 4 since that was how old my little guy was going to be.  It was perfect.  The only thing I had to do on this invitation was the writing.  The cartridge had the card pattern, the fonts, and all the little pirate extras.  I was so excited to send these out.

It is great that he is at an age where him and his friends can really appreciate games at parties now.  I decided to go with two of them.  I love these games too b/c they are indoor games.  Many of the suggestions I saw were for outdoor parties which are sort of impossible during December i…

Thanksgiving 2011

This Thanksgiving felt more like it was spring versus the fall. We had awesome weather which was great because we did lots of traveling.

We started that Wednesday off by dropping off Cameron at the sitter's and heading to the movies with Alex. Scott and I were excited to see the new Muppets movie and were using our toddler as an excuse, lol. The movie was great and brought back so many memories from our childhoods. I can't even describe the feelings and emotions when you get to see your child enjoy something that you enjoyed as a child too. It just feels like things come full circle. The Rainbow Connection gets me every time.

Later that day we picked up Cameron and headed to WV to visit with the Grandma's. We had a relaxing time and as always, some good food. We had two meals at Thanksgiving (so much to be thankful for!) with some more extended family too.

I was lured in my Scott's cousins to make the drive out later that night to do some Black Friday sh…

Cameron - 10 months

I'm getting behind on things here, but hey, it's the holiday season so I'm cutting myself some slack.

Anyways, about ten days ago little Pork Chop passed the 10 month mark. I'm already finding myself planning his 1st birthday with a box of Kleenex beside me. I love having winter babies, but the time seems to fly by faster this time of year.

I'd say the big milestone this month is that Cameron has discovered the stairs and that he can crawl up them. We have 3 sets of stairs in this house and my once contently one-room confined baby is no more. It's good exercise for Momma though!

The other big milestone is that it appears he will be getting his two-front teeth for Christmas this year too.  One officially broke right on Thanksgiving, which helped him chow down.  He's been doing pretty well with teething and only moderately fussy thankfully.

Little man is eating lots of regular foods, but I'm finding that he has a little bit more of a particular pallet tha…