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I realized I never updated my Halloween Pictures.

My little guys were just adorable this Halloween and boy did they haul in the treats.

Alex dressed up as Spider Man for trick-or-treating at preschool and had a great time going around the classrooms getting goodies.

For actual trick-or-treating, Alex went as a fireman and Cameron went as his faithful companion, a dalmatian.  I have to pat myself on the back for decorating the wagon up as a fire truck. 

I liked getting into the spirit of the season.  It is such a let down when the trick-or-treaters that do come around have no costumes or manners :(

Good thing I got this up before the next holiday!

Let's talk about Poop

Ah yes, as a mom of two it is required I have a post regarding this topic right? 

But I'm going to put a little spin on it.  I'm not going to bore you with stories of my kid's blowouts, the colors of the rainbow they've portrayed, nor the rooms they have cleared out with their smells. 

I'm going to tell you instead about my poop, or lack there of.  I'm not talking about constipation either, but rather lack of time to even go.  Veteran mothers will tell you all about how time flies as a mom and be sure to get your sleep as a new mom.  They might even tell you to remember to brush your teeth every day.  I never had anyone remind me to take time to go to the bathroom. 

Seriously, there are days in my house where I literally don't have time to take a crap.  Between a 10 month old's needs, my 4 yr. old questioning me, my furbaby needing to be let out to do his own business, I come in a dead last to use the facilities. Then if I do get to go, I have to make s…