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Cameron - 9 months

Squeal!!!! This is my favorite age for babies!  To clarify, I think any age under 12 mos. is a baby, they leap into toddler-hood the minute they smash that cake it seems.

19.5 lbs
29 1/4 inches

Anyways, this is age is adorable.  Cameron is fully mobile now and apparently has places to because he is always on the move.  He loves that he can now "chase" after his big brother, and Brutus.  Alex loves it just as much.  He's standing on anything that he can, but I'm weary to say he'll be an early walker since Alex was kinda late.

We've been pretty busy the last month, most notably a trip to Pittsburgh for a wedding (Scott's cousin, Andrew).  This was fun because it was our 6th wedding anniversary and what a great way to spend it watching two other people commit their love to one another and visit with family.

Our other getaway was to <a href="" target="_blank">Kalahari</a>.  Cameron is…