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Alex's First Day of Preschool

Last week, Alex started preschool. He was very excited, but I think I might have been even more excited than him. He walked into the classroom with a beaming smile and an adorable shyness, and didn't shed a tear. (I was pretty proud of myself for not crying either.) As most moms can attest too, you blink and those little babies that once were so dependent upon us are hitting another milestone of independence. It is all so bittersweet. He goes 3 days a week for 2 hours at the where I work which is awesome because it means that I get to peek in on him. The facility is great and I love seeing how he interacts and that he is soaking up all that knowledge. Daddy and I are so proud of you buddy! I mean seriously, how adorable is this kid?

Cameron 8 Months

What a month for little pork chop. He had his first tooth pop up on Labor Day and now proudly displays two bottom teeth. He is moving, but technically not crawling like the babies on commercials. All I know is that if I leave the room or set him down, he gets across the floor to what he wants to play with. His personality is so great! He is so laid back and happy. He is my likes to cuddle, but not in a whiny needy way, which I love. He smiles all the time and is generally just a happy little dude. He LOVES "people" food and can't seem to get enough of it too. And his new talent is rolling his tongue, which appears to be inherited from me. Alex and Cameron are interacting more and more which just warms my heart to see.

Always a bridesmaid, never a guest

I love being in weddings, don't get me wrong. I've had the amazing opportunity to be a part of a special day for several of my and I've been 110% happy to do so. I haven't been in too many that I have a collection of 27 dresses or enough left over satin and tulle, nor have I needed to take out a small loan to pay for attending the events. I am glad there are still people getting married around me. When many of my friends got married right out of college, or soon after, I was too poor and couldn't attend their weddings. I feel bad about missing their special days, but I just couldn't swing it at the time. I just am excited that this next year is full of weddings that I get to actually attend as a guest with no other obligations than to show up, witness love, eat, drink and be merry. I'm loving it! Another bonus - I get to see my little men all dressed up to attend these weddings with me. With that, I am off to celebrate! Which do…