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A tooth appears

It really is comical to me what a big deal a tooth is as a milestone for a baby, but for some reason it is. I can't deny that I am excited that Cameron finally has one of his bottom ones poking through far enough that I can confirm I see white. I'm pretty sure no one else in my circle of friends without babies really care about this new development. And the ones that have kids that aren't babies anymore don't probably care either.

I guess it is just another reminder that he is growing up and I fine it exciting because as the teeth pop up, he isn't as in much pain so he isn't as cranky. Plus, it means that we can put them to good use eating some more textured foods eventually.

Thanks for letting me share it with you all!

7 Months

He is on the fast track now until he turns 1! This month hasn't been full of too many new developments. The teeth are still trying desperately to make an appearance, but not yet. That in turn is making him a little cranky of course. He crawls, but it is in reverse only (beep, beep, beep) and in circles. He definitely looks impatient and wants to get going on his own soon though. He's enjoying lots of foods too and is just happy he doesn't have to have shots this month or next month :)

Love my little bubby!

End of Summer

I know summer doesn't officially end until September, but I guess I've just gotten used to it ending for me mid-August when I go back to work. I don't mind it too much. Usually August is pretty hot anyways and I don't feel as guilty for hiding indoors with the air conditioning when I am at work versus on summer break.

This summer was jammed pack with fun! People ask me what we did and I try to remember but the weeks seem to pass so fast I don't remember the small stuff. Some days were spent inside with the air conditioning blasting while playing and others were spent running all over town from here to there. It was extremely enjoyable and we loved every minute of it.

Here are a few of our activities:
Visits to the sprinkler parkVisits and playdates to the Rec Center and poolMetropark Activities for preschoolersFamily Vacation to Myrtle BeachMini-Family Vacation to Great Wolf lodgeShopping
Visits with my bestieToledo ZooA wedding and a wedding shower
I'm loo…