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Cameron -- 6 months

The mid-mark is here! I can't believe my little one is already 6 months old! He isn't crawling yet, but is still rolling and loves to sit up which he can do pretty well unassisted now. He's loving eating fruits, but is getting used to veggies still.

He is 17lbs., 15oz. and 28 inches tall.

Enjoy these pictures and look for some professional ones of him coming up in August.

Also stay tuned in for hearing about our Summer Vacation to Myrtle Beach!

Summer Vacation -- The Place

After years of talking about it, I finally organized for us to rent a house with some family members this summer. I had been looking forward to this vacation for months, well actually years. I was so excited to share the time with my brother's family and my dad, stepmom, and grandma, not to mention my 3 favorite guys.

I got a great recommendation from a friend who stayed in the same place last summer and we booked the place back in January. We stayed just south of Myrtle Beach in Surfside. It was a great location; far enough away from the Ocean Blvd. traffic of the beach, yet still close to the attractions. Here is the realty company we used if you're interested in planning your own get away

Our house had a perfect location. It was near the public beach access and was one allystreet behind the oceanfront properties. Thankfully our house was situated behind a one-story house so we didn't have that much of an obstructed view of the ocean. The ho…

July 4th, 2011

We had a pretty low key holiday but a fun one. We grabbed some ice cream and headed to watch the fireworks here in town hoping that at least Alex would be able to stay awake for the show. We captured some great pictures of us though. I can never thank Scott enough for getting me my awesome camera. It's probably my favorite gift I've ever received from him and he's gotten me some good ones. These boys just melt my heart!

On a side note, I should add that I'm very happy and proud this 4th of July that my cousin Paul became a Captain in the Army and returned home safely from Afghanistan for a short leave! Congrats Paul! I know his mom and dad are especially proud of him!