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Alexander -- 3 1/2

This is hands down my most recent favorite picture of Alex.

I simply can't get over how fast he is growing up and can't believe he'll be 4 soon.  This just captures his personality so much; so sweet and joyful.  I can't believe how much a simple baseball cap and a short hair cut can make him look so much older too.  I'm glad I kept those baby curls on him for as long as I could :)

Oh gosh, I better watch it or I'll get myself all emotional just writing about this.

photo courtesy of Daddy :)

Cameron 5 months

Cameron certainly has livened up even more since last month. He is rolling all over the place, grabbing and reaching for everything, and he loves to stand up against furniture. I think it makes him feel like a big boy. He is still quiet the talker making sure that his voice is heard through out the house too. He has lots of favorite toys and two of his favorites so far are my old Red doll from Fraggle Rock and newer one called the Winkel. No teeth yet, and we're still working on getting used to the taste of "real" food. He has been making good use of his Jumperoo too.  He is love with his big brother too, I think he is Alex's biggest fan :)

It has been great being home with the boys over the summer, but I can't even tell you how fast it has been flying by. I can't believe June is almost already over, but I'll try not to pout too much.

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