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I hate laundry rooms

Well, I actually don't hate laundry rooms, but this is what the wallpaper in mine says. I suppose it is somewhat true given what we came home to after Maggie's wedding and our weekend away.

We were supposed to stay Sunday night in Chicago and visit the museums, but decided we'd just head home instead.  Thank goodness we did.  We arrived home late Sunday night and Alex went to his playroom and declared "Mom, Bobo (Brutus) peed!".  Since we had dropped Brutus off at his doggie pet resort and he has never peed in the basement I immediately froze and knew what had happened....Yup, our basement flooded.  Nearly all 730 sq. ft of it was covered with raw sewage.  I immediately took Alex's socks off and got him upstairs and we went down to survey the damage.

We were actually very fortunate given the circumstances.  I thankfully had caught up on laundry the majority of our dirty clothes didn't get ruined, minus my cloth diapers :( The major things like our hot wat…