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Cameron -- 11 Months

For Christmas it appears that Cameron is going to get his two front teeth and a couple more.  He has been cutting teeth like it is his job, and well, at this age I suppose it is.
He has been attempting to walk, but only around furniture or with walking toys like his shopping cart. He is saying about 3-5 words that I can make out now...mama, dada, baba, Alexander (although very slurred), and no.
I am so excited to seem him Christmas morning experience Christmas for the first time.  Alex already had his gift for him wrapped up under the tree, so cute!
We will count down the next 30 days now until my little guy turns 1!
For now, I'm off to enjoy quality time with the boys on my break.

A Pirate's Life 4 Me -- Birthday Party

While planning my little boy's 4th birthday party I scoured the interwebs in search of ideas.  Now I am going to share what I came up with in hopes that it will help another party planning momma out there.

I was on a scrapbook retreat with friends when I saw the "Life's A Party" Cricut Cartridge and everything fell into place.  I substituted their saying "A Pirate's Life for Me" with the number 4 since that was how old my little guy was going to be.  It was perfect.  The only thing I had to do on this invitation was the writing.  The cartridge had the card pattern, the fonts, and all the little pirate extras.  I was so excited to send these out.

It is great that he is at an age where him and his friends can really appreciate games at parties now.  I decided to go with two of them.  I love these games too b/c they are indoor games.  Many of the suggestions I saw were for outdoor parties which are sort of impossible during December i…

Thanksgiving 2011

This Thanksgiving felt more like it was spring versus the fall. We had awesome weather which was great because we did lots of traveling.

We started that Wednesday off by dropping off Cameron at the sitter's and heading to the movies with Alex. Scott and I were excited to see the new Muppets movie and were using our toddler as an excuse, lol. The movie was great and brought back so many memories from our childhoods. I can't even describe the feelings and emotions when you get to see your child enjoy something that you enjoyed as a child too. It just feels like things come full circle. The Rainbow Connection gets me every time.

Later that day we picked up Cameron and headed to WV to visit with the Grandma's. We had a relaxing time and as always, some good food. We had two meals at Thanksgiving (so much to be thankful for!) with some more extended family too.

I was lured in my Scott's cousins to make the drive out later that night to do some Black Friday sh…

Cameron - 10 months

I'm getting behind on things here, but hey, it's the holiday season so I'm cutting myself some slack.

Anyways, about ten days ago little Pork Chop passed the 10 month mark. I'm already finding myself planning his 1st birthday with a box of Kleenex beside me. I love having winter babies, but the time seems to fly by faster this time of year.

I'd say the big milestone this month is that Cameron has discovered the stairs and that he can crawl up them. We have 3 sets of stairs in this house and my once contently one-room confined baby is no more. It's good exercise for Momma though!

The other big milestone is that it appears he will be getting his two-front teeth for Christmas this year too.  One officially broke right on Thanksgiving, which helped him chow down.  He's been doing pretty well with teething and only moderately fussy thankfully.

Little man is eating lots of regular foods, but I'm finding that he has a little bit more of a particular pallet tha…


I realized I never updated my Halloween Pictures.

My little guys were just adorable this Halloween and boy did they haul in the treats.

Alex dressed up as Spider Man for trick-or-treating at preschool and had a great time going around the classrooms getting goodies.

For actual trick-or-treating, Alex went as a fireman and Cameron went as his faithful companion, a dalmatian.  I have to pat myself on the back for decorating the wagon up as a fire truck. 

I liked getting into the spirit of the season.  It is such a let down when the trick-or-treaters that do come around have no costumes or manners :(

Good thing I got this up before the next holiday!

Let's talk about Poop

Ah yes, as a mom of two it is required I have a post regarding this topic right? 

But I'm going to put a little spin on it.  I'm not going to bore you with stories of my kid's blowouts, the colors of the rainbow they've portrayed, nor the rooms they have cleared out with their smells. 

I'm going to tell you instead about my poop, or lack there of.  I'm not talking about constipation either, but rather lack of time to even go.  Veteran mothers will tell you all about how time flies as a mom and be sure to get your sleep as a new mom.  They might even tell you to remember to brush your teeth every day.  I never had anyone remind me to take time to go to the bathroom. 

Seriously, there are days in my house where I literally don't have time to take a crap.  Between a 10 month old's needs, my 4 yr. old questioning me, my furbaby needing to be let out to do his own business, I come in a dead last to use the facilities. Then if I do get to go, I have to make s…

Cameron - 9 months

Squeal!!!! This is my favorite age for babies!  To clarify, I think any age under 12 mos. is a baby, they leap into toddler-hood the minute they smash that cake it seems.

19.5 lbs
29 1/4 inches

Anyways, this is age is adorable.  Cameron is fully mobile now and apparently has places to because he is always on the move.  He loves that he can now "chase" after his big brother, and Brutus.  Alex loves it just as much.  He's standing on anything that he can, but I'm weary to say he'll be an early walker since Alex was kinda late.

We've been pretty busy the last month, most notably a trip to Pittsburgh for a wedding (Scott's cousin, Andrew).  This was fun because it was our 6th wedding anniversary and what a great way to spend it watching two other people commit their love to one another and visit with family.

Our other getaway was to <a href="" target="_blank">Kalahari</a>.  Cameron is…

Alex's First Day of Preschool

Last week, Alex started preschool. He was very excited, but I think I might have been even more excited than him. He walked into the classroom with a beaming smile and an adorable shyness, and didn't shed a tear. (I was pretty proud of myself for not crying either.) As most moms can attest too, you blink and those little babies that once were so dependent upon us are hitting another milestone of independence. It is all so bittersweet. He goes 3 days a week for 2 hours at the where I work which is awesome because it means that I get to peek in on him. The facility is great and I love seeing how he interacts and that he is soaking up all that knowledge. Daddy and I are so proud of you buddy! I mean seriously, how adorable is this kid?

Cameron 8 Months

What a month for little pork chop. He had his first tooth pop up on Labor Day and now proudly displays two bottom teeth. He is moving, but technically not crawling like the babies on commercials. All I know is that if I leave the room or set him down, he gets across the floor to what he wants to play with. His personality is so great! He is so laid back and happy. He is my likes to cuddle, but not in a whiny needy way, which I love. He smiles all the time and is generally just a happy little dude. He LOVES "people" food and can't seem to get enough of it too. And his new talent is rolling his tongue, which appears to be inherited from me. Alex and Cameron are interacting more and more which just warms my heart to see.

Always a bridesmaid, never a guest

I love being in weddings, don't get me wrong. I've had the amazing opportunity to be a part of a special day for several of my and I've been 110% happy to do so. I haven't been in too many that I have a collection of 27 dresses or enough left over satin and tulle, nor have I needed to take out a small loan to pay for attending the events. I am glad there are still people getting married around me. When many of my friends got married right out of college, or soon after, I was too poor and couldn't attend their weddings. I feel bad about missing their special days, but I just couldn't swing it at the time. I just am excited that this next year is full of weddings that I get to actually attend as a guest with no other obligations than to show up, witness love, eat, drink and be merry. I'm loving it! Another bonus - I get to see my little men all dressed up to attend these weddings with me. With that, I am off to celebrate! Which do…

A tooth appears

It really is comical to me what a big deal a tooth is as a milestone for a baby, but for some reason it is. I can't deny that I am excited that Cameron finally has one of his bottom ones poking through far enough that I can confirm I see white. I'm pretty sure no one else in my circle of friends without babies really care about this new development. And the ones that have kids that aren't babies anymore don't probably care either.

I guess it is just another reminder that he is growing up and I fine it exciting because as the teeth pop up, he isn't as in much pain so he isn't as cranky. Plus, it means that we can put them to good use eating some more textured foods eventually.

Thanks for letting me share it with you all!

7 Months

He is on the fast track now until he turns 1! This month hasn't been full of too many new developments. The teeth are still trying desperately to make an appearance, but not yet. That in turn is making him a little cranky of course. He crawls, but it is in reverse only (beep, beep, beep) and in circles. He definitely looks impatient and wants to get going on his own soon though. He's enjoying lots of foods too and is just happy he doesn't have to have shots this month or next month :)

Love my little bubby!

End of Summer

I know summer doesn't officially end until September, but I guess I've just gotten used to it ending for me mid-August when I go back to work. I don't mind it too much. Usually August is pretty hot anyways and I don't feel as guilty for hiding indoors with the air conditioning when I am at work versus on summer break.

This summer was jammed pack with fun! People ask me what we did and I try to remember but the weeks seem to pass so fast I don't remember the small stuff. Some days were spent inside with the air conditioning blasting while playing and others were spent running all over town from here to there. It was extremely enjoyable and we loved every minute of it.

Here are a few of our activities:
Visits to the sprinkler parkVisits and playdates to the Rec Center and poolMetropark Activities for preschoolersFamily Vacation to Myrtle BeachMini-Family Vacation to Great Wolf lodgeShopping
Visits with my bestieToledo ZooA wedding and a wedding shower
I'm loo…

Cameron -- 6 months

The mid-mark is here! I can't believe my little one is already 6 months old! He isn't crawling yet, but is still rolling and loves to sit up which he can do pretty well unassisted now. He's loving eating fruits, but is getting used to veggies still.

He is 17lbs., 15oz. and 28 inches tall.

Enjoy these pictures and look for some professional ones of him coming up in August.

Also stay tuned in for hearing about our Summer Vacation to Myrtle Beach!

Summer Vacation -- The Place

After years of talking about it, I finally organized for us to rent a house with some family members this summer. I had been looking forward to this vacation for months, well actually years. I was so excited to share the time with my brother's family and my dad, stepmom, and grandma, not to mention my 3 favorite guys.

I got a great recommendation from a friend who stayed in the same place last summer and we booked the place back in January. We stayed just south of Myrtle Beach in Surfside. It was a great location; far enough away from the Ocean Blvd. traffic of the beach, yet still close to the attractions. Here is the realty company we used if you're interested in planning your own get away

Our house had a perfect location. It was near the public beach access and was one allystreet behind the oceanfront properties. Thankfully our house was situated behind a one-story house so we didn't have that much of an obstructed view of the ocean. The ho…

July 4th, 2011

We had a pretty low key holiday but a fun one. We grabbed some ice cream and headed to watch the fireworks here in town hoping that at least Alex would be able to stay awake for the show. We captured some great pictures of us though. I can never thank Scott enough for getting me my awesome camera. It's probably my favorite gift I've ever received from him and he's gotten me some good ones. These boys just melt my heart!

On a side note, I should add that I'm very happy and proud this 4th of July that my cousin Paul became a Captain in the Army and returned home safely from Afghanistan for a short leave! Congrats Paul! I know his mom and dad are especially proud of him!

Alexander -- 3 1/2

This is hands down my most recent favorite picture of Alex.

I simply can't get over how fast he is growing up and can't believe he'll be 4 soon.  This just captures his personality so much; so sweet and joyful.  I can't believe how much a simple baseball cap and a short hair cut can make him look so much older too.  I'm glad I kept those baby curls on him for as long as I could :)

Oh gosh, I better watch it or I'll get myself all emotional just writing about this.

photo courtesy of Daddy :)

Cameron 5 months

Cameron certainly has livened up even more since last month. He is rolling all over the place, grabbing and reaching for everything, and he loves to stand up against furniture. I think it makes him feel like a big boy. He is still quiet the talker making sure that his voice is heard through out the house too. He has lots of favorite toys and two of his favorites so far are my old Red doll from Fraggle Rock and newer one called the Winkel. No teeth yet, and we're still working on getting used to the taste of "real" food. He has been making good use of his Jumperoo too.  He is love with his big brother too, I think he is Alex's biggest fan :)

It has been great being home with the boys over the summer, but I can't even tell you how fast it has been flying by. I can't believe June is almost already over, but I'll try not to pout too much.

[gallery link="file" columns="2"]

Cameron 4 months

Speeding right along through the months and here is another one down.

He's still not rolling over yet, but he has been caught laughing.  He loves laughing at Brutus and his big brother.  He is still a very sweet baby and will probably be dabbling into some "real" food here soon.  In the meantime, he has discovered that his feet are quiet tasty.

He did well with his shots today and now weighs 15lbs. 12oz. and is 26 1/4 inches long.  Not sure where he gets the height from so far, perhaps his Uncle Ryan.

We're trying to get summer off to a good start, but Alex has been battling a virus so hopefully we'll be better by next week.

Looks like Brutus wanted some camera time too.

Happy Mother's Day!

I've been blessed with lots of moms in my life and just want them all to know I love them and am happy that my boys have them in their lives too!

For me, I know it is by far the best role that I have ever had.  Even though it is a lot of hard work at times, I don't know if I'd call it a job, because I never thought a job could be so fun or as rewarding.

Happy Mother's Day!

Easter 2011

We went up to West Virginia for the weekend to introduce Cameron to his Great-Grandma and to visit with Scott's side of the family. It was filled with the usual yummy fixings by Grandma, egg dying, an egg hunt, candy and church. It is always nice to see the joy that babies and children bring to everyone and the holidays.

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Working Mom

The phrase "working mother" is redundant. ~Jane Sellman

After 12 wonderful weeks off I return to work today. I won't ever get this time back and I've loved every moment of it. I am ever so thankful that I got to spend the time I have with Cameron and that I am returning to a job that I love. I've missed being in the classroom and getting some daily adult interaction and my own routine. I know that it makes me a much better mother to my kids that I work. It obviously also allows us to provide for them what we want to as well. It is hard to be away from the boys, but I've got a great caretaker that loves them just as much as I do.

I can't say it will be easy, and in fact I think I was more ready to go back after Alex than I am now. However, I am just dipping in my foot before the end of school will be here. Six weeks is all it is and 3 of those weeks are shortened and I lose half my classes in about 4 weeks. I'll be soaking up the summer sun an…

Cincinnati Zoo

[caption id="attachment_692" align="alignleft" width="225" caption="The flowers were spectacular!"][/caption]
I took the boys for a day at the Cincinnati Zoo. It was our first trip there and I couldn't have asked for a more perfect day weather-wise. It was Spring at it's finest!
I borrowed a double-stroller from a friend which helped out a ton, although I must say the exhibits at the zoo aren't very stroller nor handicapped friendly in my opinion. Alex's only request was to see the Zebra which we did, but I think he was too tired to care by the time we did. We also got to see their new baby giraffe that was only about 11 days old.

I hate laundry rooms

Well, I actually don't hate laundry rooms, but this is what the wallpaper in mine says. I suppose it is somewhat true given what we came home to after Maggie's wedding and our weekend away.

We were supposed to stay Sunday night in Chicago and visit the museums, but decided we'd just head home instead.  Thank goodness we did.  We arrived home late Sunday night and Alex went to his playroom and declared "Mom, Bobo (Brutus) peed!".  Since we had dropped Brutus off at his doggie pet resort and he has never peed in the basement I immediately froze and knew what had happened....Yup, our basement flooded.  Nearly all 730 sq. ft of it was covered with raw sewage.  I immediately took Alex's socks off and got him upstairs and we went down to survey the damage.

We were actually very fortunate given the circumstances.  I thankfully had caught up on laundry the majority of our dirty clothes didn't get ruined, minus my cloth diapers :( The major things like our hot wat…