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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Summer of Sanity - Weeks 4 & 5 of 10 - Free Weeks

 technically they weren't Free Weeks but we just had other stuff pop up and get scheduled so I didn't need to stick to the original schedule. Remember, this whole summer of sanity is about staying sane, not to schedule every second into a perfectly planned Pinterest day.

Since we are in the midst of summer, I am glad the days are filling up on their own with normal summer fun like cookouts, family visits and all the general things it takes to keep 3 kids alive. 

This past week I even added another kid to the mix, my 13 year old niece stayed with us and was a big help.  It was so nice to get to spend time with her. I put her to work with getting used to baby duties (she's got a little sister coming in October) and other domestic duties like cooking.  It was cute to see her handle raw meat for the first time and gab until the late hours of the night about things.  That girl is going places I tell ya, watch out! 

I'm not sure if we'll get back to any of the themes fully here before school starts back up in August but I'm still keeping up our little projects here and there. I'm going to be a hot mess come the servings week of August and it's got nothing to do with the humidity. 

Hope you are enjoying your summer so far too. 

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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Summer of Sanity - Week 3 of 10 - Geography

Week's Theme: Geography

We had lots of pop up showers this week which was perfect for the release of the Lego Movie on DVD , but we lucked out having excellent weather for a geocaching and pool party midweek.

We ended the week going Geocaching for the first time with a friend of mine and her boys and it was a really great time. I simply downloaded the app to my phone and we decided to meet at a nature reserve area for a picnic. After the picnic we went on our search for treasure and found it just in time before a major rain storm hit.  

I highly recommend geocaching as a fun time for the family, we've found so many near us. The boys simply loved it. For extra fun, remember to bring some trinket with you to leave behind as you get to take one from the box that you find.

I did make use of the rain day to make a craft with my oldest son while the other 2 kiddos were napping. I got the inspiration from this pin on Pinterest. I was super mean and made him redo the "our house" picture by telling him to go outside and draw it while looking at it.  He thought that was a pretty cool thing and I explained that's how lots of artists draw things.  He just thought they always drew from memory.  A teachable moment I suppose even though he isn't a fan of coloring.
Other simple things we did this week were just discussing the geography around us, street names, directions, practicing our address, and of course maps. The boys have a few things already that we got back out and played with such as what is below and a states puzzle.
Tag Leapfrog USA Map
Discovery Kids Felt World Map

It was a fun week and it was our first week that the boys earned their stickers every day!  Maybe we are all getting the hang of this sanity thing.  It definitely has been helping with the boredom issues.

Next week is supposed to be Nature-themed but I can already give you the spoiler alert that the week is going to be a "free week" due to last minute plans that have us spending time together with extended family.  No need to put a theme on all of that.

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Thursday, June 26, 2014

The Deep Freeze

I feel like a little old housewife from the 50's with my new GE Chest Freezer! I guess it is the sign of a true domestic goddess engineer to be so excited about a new appliance.

We pulled the trigger on this purchase so we could hold my milk stash that was taking over our freezer.  Freezer = $180 = 6 cans of formula, but the freezer will last us longer than a year.  Something tells me we'll get our money out of it too with 3 kids.

I'm mostly excited that this now means I can buy fresh meat from my local farmer friends and I have a place to store it.  Oh and the 1,000 freezer recipes I've pinned.  I see some use for the new Costco their building next year near me too.

Do you have a deep freezer?  If so what tips do you have for me to make it worth my time and money?

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Monday, June 16, 2014

Summer of Sanity - Week 2 of 10 - Oceans

Week's Theme: OCeans
I'm kinda digging this whole theme thing. The #1 thing it does is prevent boredom.  The minute the boys whine about being bored, we bring up the topic for the week and start discussing or doing something involving it. Even just having a simple conversation about the topic is great and gets us interacting. 

I'm sticking with minimal effort for my planning since after all, it is my break too, but so far it is really working out. This week's topic was sorta lame because we don't live near an ocean and are not visiting one this summer.  Plus we don't live near an aquarium so we couldn't even see any oceanic creature that got plucked from the Deep Blue and now takes up residence in the Midwest. Does looking at the lobster tank at the grocery store count as a field trip?? I still think the little things we did kept the boys attention and some things were learned.

While at the library last week we found Disney's Oceans documentary and we viewed it.  I'm much more a fan of the Planet Earth series, but this was a nice one.'re little ones might ask 1,304 questions while watching it.  It is always amazing to see incredible footage captured including the most adorable footage of a walrus momma and her baby.  Netflix is always an option for items to view too.  Perhaps you can all view Finding Nemo for the millionth time.

My "Who's Awesome? I'm Awesome!" moment of the week was when I picked up a box of these Ocean themed Little Debbie snacks at the store and Viola! an Ocean-themed snack with zero effort.  I also did the hot dog octopus for lunch one day too.

We got out our shells from past beach vacations and looked at them again and recalled what we did on those vacations. Other than that we did some worksheets I found online.  We looked on a map and named the oceans too, and still have no clue if the Southern Ocean even really exists or not-- my bad.  I tell ya, first they got rid of Pluto and now this. No wonder my kids think I'm dumb. I was hoping to get to a craft, but we didn't again there's a gazillion on Pinterest.

Books we read were:
The sticker charts are going well.  Cameron is responding better to them and all it takes is a reminder (ot three) about losing a sticker or screen time to get them focused again. Other than that the week consisted of normal summer activities, errands, and play dates.

Next week is all about Geography so stay tuned!

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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

My Fitness Targets

I've been able to work out more lately now that I am out of my postpartum lazy days and now that I'm officially done with having kids, it's time to take back my body for me. I did a little fitness evaluation. Numbers are always my enemy on the scale, but thankfully my bloodwork numbers (cholesterol, BP, triglycerides) are not bad at all and are in the normal ranges. The number I see on the scale gives me a big frowny face, but we've been at odds since I was 11. (Please don't let the case for my kids, especially Cora) There are other numbers besides the scale too, so I checked those out on WebMd's Body Calculator and it spit out the following information.

My Target Heart Range
93-121 general fitness / recovery
149-158 high intensity
60 Resting - 186 maximum
This is good news to me because thanks to my new HRM I am usually in the 160s for cardio exercises on machines and  in the 130s while walking.
My Target Calories
1700-1800 calories
(per MFP established goals)

This does not count the calories I “earn” while exercising or the ones I “burn” from nursing Cora. I’m totally not sold that nursing burns calories since I’ve nursed three kids with no dramatic loss, but I do know it makes me hungry!
My Weight
115-154 lbs.  

I don’t see the lower end of that spectrum ever happening until I’m like 89 and eating a diet of cottage cheese with tomatoes and coffee only (and even then complaining the tomatoes don’t taste like they used to). The higher end of 154 I think is doable but not with some serious work. Now 175-180 is something I can currently shoot for.  Baby steps.
My BMI & Belly Fat
The healthy range for BMI is between 18.5 and 24.9

Mine is 33.5 = obese. Obese is such an ugly word. 
A waist-to-height ratio between 0.42 and 0.48 is healthy.  I’m at .55 = overweight
Not good news but no surprises here, wah wah.  

So, I've got nothing but time ahead of me and $10 diet bet going on to lose 4% of my body weight by this time next month so wish me luck as the journey continues!

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