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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Pro-Tip: Breastmilk Freezer Storage

I have already shared with you about my new Deep Freezer and how I mainly got it to help with breastmilk storage. But how am I going to organize all of this milk?  I had no organization system going on until I saw this on Pinterest.  Run and do this now if you're going to be in the position of freezing breastmilk.  It has saved me so much time in the mornings just grabbing the bags I need for the day.

All you do is get a small sized gift bag, preferably just about the dimensions of your milk storage bags.  I used some old ones I had on hand.  Simply cut the bottom of one end out and then stack your milk bags with the oldest date on the bottom going on up to the newest date on top.  When it is time to take your milk out, just pull the one through the slit.

I also labeled my bags to know which ones to start with.

I believe another handy substitute to this method would be any cardboard box lying around too, maybe an old cracker box.  I like the bags due to the handles, but I plan to be thrifty and just use whatever is on hand.  Save your money too and don't buy the expensive ones unless you've got money to burn!

This little guy might be worth purchasing for my main freezer. According to one of the reviews stores 15-20 Lansinoh bags.  Might be nice not to have to run down in the basement every morning to get milk for the sitter, but just have a week's worth ready to go.
Sterilite Ice Cube Bin

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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Somebody That I Used To Know

**dirty laundry alert**  This post is 2 years in the making, but this blog has been therapeutic for me before, so here we go again.

I've mentioned on here before my love for Mad Men.  In season 2, one of the many scenes that have stuck with me was between Don and Peggy. I won't give spoilers away in case you haven't seen the show (do so now please), but in the scene Peggy is going through a pretty emotional event and Don shows up to offer his support.  He then says this line...

In a show that's largely based upon searching for yourself while living life through an alter ego, this dialogue really hits the theme home with things I've been experiencing the past 2+ years.

I wonder just how we do keep moving forward and how significant events in your life can really someday cease to exist in your memory.  It is really incredible when you think about it, that events once consuming decades of your life and energy could and often will one day become an insignificant blip of your past.  I know it is possible, but with a current issue I am experiencing, I feel as if my mind is stuck in cement.

Over the past 2 years someone that I loved as family for over 20 years (that is an reference only my parents should make about stuff like their furniture) has eradicated the bond we once had. 

A sisterhood shattered.

Growing up I was always prepared for the heartbreak a boy might bring to me, and I endured that.  But nothing could prepare my heart for this type of ache. 

Gone is the sister who took my awkward self to the mall when I was 13 to boost my self esteem.  Gone are the endless inside jokes.  Gone are the memories of trips together.  Her being an aunt to my kids. Gone is my peace of mind knowing that she'd take care of my kids with my brother should anything happen to my husband and I.  Gone are the glances we'd give each other at family get togethers knowing just what the other was thinking (are we related to these people?). Gone the Matron of Honor in my wedding. Gone is my scrapbooking pal.  Gone is the joy of buying gifts I secretly wanted for me knowing that she'd love them just as much because our tastes were exactly the same.  Gone is sharing the joy of finally having a baby girl of my own and seeking guidance from the one woman who I always ran to.  Gone are the future dreams and events we had planned together.

20 years of building a relationship together and crumbling apart just wasn't for her an my brother.  I feel just as betrayed.  Just as hurt. Just as bitter.  Just as sad.

I struggle with the dichotomy of the situation at hand.  The scene above could be used to address both parties viewpoints of our situation. I struggle with her perhaps viewing this same scene and thinking the same thoughts....I want to move forward and be shocked at how my old life never existed. However that doesn't excuse the actions that have been taken to hurt myself and my family. 

I can appreciate wanting to move forward and be happier.  I can appreciate wanting your voice to be heard. I can appreciate wanting to have your own two feet to stand on.  I can even support a mid-life crisis excuse. 

Probably what really gets me is if we were only friends and not family, I'd be more supportive and understanding of her.  But we weren't friends.  We were sisters.

What I can not appreciate is the deception that was delved out.  The selfishness. The hypocrisy. The double standards. The martyrdom. No apology.  No sincerity. The disregard for friendship and support when it was most needed. The game playing. And the probably worse than all, the nonchalant attitude that nothing had been done and everything was perfectly normal.                                                                                                                                                            
I was raised not to treat people this way.  This was not the character of our relationship.

I'm insanely loyal and not someone who brushes off emotions easily. I also don't do well feeling that I've been duped and well, I was duped. 

You cut me deep Shrek.  Real Deep
I agree, it's our job as humans to move forward, life's too short, go forth and conquer what your heart tells you too, carpe diem and kumbaya shit, there is a flip side to that mindset.  What do you do with the emotions left inside of you that you can't shake off? 
Bitterness, anger, sadness, rejection, resentment, guilt, jealousy.  These are ugly characteristics and yet, I feel them too often in my life about my former sister. 

I want the scene above to be true for me.  I want to erase the hurt and pain I feel daily from this situation and be able to shock myself  how much this never happened and how I am able to move forward from it.  I want the toxic emotions I have been feeling for 2+ years to go away.  I want to be a better aunt to my niece and nephew. I know it will eventually, I'm just still stuck in the mud with it. 

It truly feels like the death of a loved one, only with a large helping of bitterness on the side with the grieving.

I want her to be simply someone that I used to know, because I certainly don't know who she is anymore.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Delayed Kitchen

I really need to keep things in perspective, but ugh, come on. The counters got pushed back a week. Then I finally get the tile picked out and we're looking at a 2 week special order. The good news is that as of this time next week we'll be able to have a fully functioning kitchen. That or I'm playing hardball for a discount.

Good news: The floor is awesome.  The cabinets are awesome.  The hardware is awesome.  And I finally picked out tile backsplash (after bringing home 8 samples)
Bad news: I can't figure out the paint color.  I've bought 5 samples and I don't like any of them on the wall, but we're close. I think we're going to get something just a smidge darker than the lightest shade below. 
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Monday, September 29, 2014

Kitchen Update

I'm getting antsy!

And fat.

I need my kitchen back and hopefully by midweek next week that will be the case. That puts us at 19 working days but it feels longer at this point. Some glitches with stuff put us behind this week and surprise a new found change order this week has me all flustered.

I'll post pictures soon, but I'm waiting on those countertops get in. At least all of the plastic is down so we are dont' feel like we are living on the set of ET anymore.

Still trying to decide paints too, hrmph.

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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

You Know You're Popular When...

You have a sheet set named after you at Pottery Barn!  It's a cute pattern, but I can't really distinguish the colors of it online that well.  What do you think?  In other news, I'm really hoping this doesn't mean her name is going to become popular.  Woomp woomp.
Cora Crib Set from Pottery Barn
Sweet Cora is now 6 months old and I can't even describe how over the moon with her I am.  She is such a dream!  She is getting the hang of crawling, although mostly in circles and reverse and we're holding off on table foods until the kitchen is done.  She's almost sitting up unassisted, and her favorite past time is smiling at her big brothers.  She loves to fumble through The Very Hungry Caterpillar and her favorite toys are her Little People Disney Princesses.  I've come to give her the nickname of Cora Belle, not sure why but it just rolls off my tongue easily.

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